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Gangs and gang wars


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I noticed that not all gangs attack each other at sight. Many times I've had Cabrones, Trailer Park Mafia, Bikers, and sometimes Cholos to walk feely past eachother. They're a lot less agressive. The only gangs that are hostile towards eachother are the Cholos and Cabrones, and sometimes Cholos and Bikers. Not only that, but the gangs don't spawn in their area all day. One time I waited like 5 minutes waiting for some Bikers to spawn. It's even harder to get them to walk into another gang's turf.


However, if you want a street gang war like in past Grand Theft Autos, you have to start it yourself, literally. You can turn gangs to dislike each other... sort of. For example, the Cabrones and Trailer Park Mafia. For example, I once waited until the Cabrones walked into TPM turf, and waited for the TPM to spawn. I swung at a Cabrone, so all three started shooting at me. A gang of TPM appeared, all three with pistols. I hid behind the gang of TPM, until the Cabrones hit one, where the TPM unloaded on the Cabrones, and had a gang war. More TPM spawned and went and knocked down the Cabrones with bats, so the TPM won.


But after that, the same group of guys that fight hate the Cabrones. Whenever a Cuban Hermes passes by, they chase down and kill the Cabrone, just like the Cholos. From now on, if any Cabrone spawned, if you manage to keep track of the same group of TPM that fought the battle where I made a Cabrone shoot him, they chase down the Cabrones and fight them. However, only the group that fights another gang are hostile, so once you leave them or they die, the gang members don't attack anymore.


The Cabrone/TPM are just an example, I've done it with Cholos/TPM, Cabrones/Bikers, and TPM/Bikers also. Since the Bikers are kind of far, I use the nearest ped gets in your car cheat and take them over to another gang's turf. They'll usually shoot at you anyways, but hide behind a group and there will be a decent gang war.


One of my favorite things about the Grand Theft Auto series is gang wars and getting involved in them. I didn't like how Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories tweaked gang's hostility towards eachother, but atleast I found a way to get some street warfare started. I know, I like the random Estates gang wars, but I also just like street ones where many gang members spawn in a random battle to fight.

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I agree, I do the same exact thing now that I beat the game. I liked seeing random gang wars on the streets and I don't like the fact that they tweaked gang hostility. However, aside from the Empire battles and the Cabrones, Cholos hatred. When you complete Marty Williams' O Brothel Where Art Though mission where you take over a Cholo empire for the TPM. Cholos and TPM gang members also start attacking each other on sight. Just go where a Cholo Empire is close to a TPM Empire if you want to see the fight. Cholos hate you also so just lure them to a TPM site and they will start fighting.

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Yeah I noticed that too, right after I completed the mission. I was in the area in Little Haiti where the TPM took over Cholo's area, and a Cholo Sabre passed by. Three of the TPM chased him down and killed him. I guess it's more realistic that not all gangs attack on sight, because in real life I doubt some really care. I do hope they bring back more gang hostility in the next GTA, though.


So the gang wars that happen naturally are: Cholos-Bikers, Cholos-Cabrones, Cholos-TPM, Cholos-Sharks, Cholos-Vance Gang, Bikers-Vance Gang, Sharks-Vance Gang, and Sharks-Bikers.


As you can see, Cholos are hated everywhere. Cabrones aren't really disliked since they're newer, same with TPM.


Also I noticed, the Trailer Park Mafia and Vance Gang have the same exact gang car- the Admiral. That is the only car either of them drives, and there's sometimes passenger gang members. I always thought the TPM's gang car was the Bobcat, so I took it as kind of a surprise it wasn't.

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