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[SNP] End of the Line


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For some reason whenever I finish the last mission (End of the Line) when the credits are, Im guessing, supposed to show up, I get a black screen followed by a crash to the desktop within a few minutes. Normally I play with the original exe, with the DVD in the drive, and all is fine. Since I got this problem I've tried with various exes, even some no-cd cracks, but with all of them I get the same thing, black screen followed by a crash after the mission + cut scenes.


I've tried countless times, on the original exe with the DVD, and with modded no-cd crack exes, and all have given me the same effect, crashing when credits are supposed to play.


Link to the save file: http://rapidshare.de/files/38097817/GTASAs...mattdk.rar.html


I've completed the first part of the mission, so the only part needed to do really is the chase. If someone could complete it, get past the credits, save, and upload somewhere for me, I would be very greatfull. Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif

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For: Mattdk

Mission: End of the Line

Helper: HerrieM

Link: Here

Notes: next time, please use http://gtasnp.com to upload your savegame.


As for why it crashes on you, maybe because you have an eddited/modded version. It should load text stored in the american.gxt (if you have it on english). If text in this filed is eddited and some symbols are missing or added it could give problems.

Edited by HerrieM
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I know it’s a pain, but anyone requesting help can use a few different methods for uploading of their saved-games, including Rapid Share, as it is clearly listed in the Mission Help section.



Some new users of GTA Forums are just accustom to using certain uploading services, so it takes them a little bit of time to get use to the alternatives. wink.gif

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Yes, but the problem is Rapidshare. I know that on certain networks/countries Rapidshare is unavailible.


For me it's mostly because I download alot, so on rapidshare I often have to wait up to an hour before downloading again. GTASnP.com works easier, so i prefer that one much much more.

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