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uk release date


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Wrong do not trust these dates given......have u not read the writing in RED at the top of this forum?, mods lock this, sorry mate this isnt accurate at all.

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not sure about this and im sorry if it has been said already but i found a website that states that the uk release date for gta iv is april 25th 2008 not sure its official or not but i thought id post it anyway


source: http://www.mcvuk.com/news/29185/April-25th...ease-for-GTA-IV

No offense but this is old news to most here. Myself and many others know just about everything about Grand Theft Auto IV that is out. Including this article. It has been posted many times already.


As the others have said, yes this COULD be true and the game may end up being released late April, but for now it means nothing really until TakeTwo make a public announcement regarding the games release, which could still be a month or more away yet.

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