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what do ya'll think of the new wanted posters, they seem to hint that that commandering an occuipid vehicle can include weapons to help with gaining control of the vehicle, and in little jacob's pic there is a hint that we may be able to do pedestrian robberies, stealing thier money and valuables, anyone think this might be true, if so what kind of valuables do you think peds will carry on them, and what can we do with them, pawn them for cash maybe, any ideas?


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If you want, you can talk about your ideas Here.


Here's some information about Gta 4.


LOL WOW .. i thought it was forbidden to listen to anything wiki has to say about anything lol, since anybody can edit it. WOW and this topic is not a wish for the wishlist, hes discussing the details of the wanted posters. ANYWAY, if those posters are official from R*. Then i cant wait to rob me some people. i cant wait, im going to love this game. THE END

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"According to a Rockstar spokesperson, development originally began on the Playstation 3 because earlier development access was available, but it has also been stressed that "the PS3 is our target console" and the Xbox 360 version will not be released."


Found that quote on the Wiki page for IV. Proves the mod's point. Not being a fanboy, just pointing it out.

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