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[Rel] Repair GTA 1.5 [eng\rus]


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Repair GTA by Voodooman is back !


Version: 1.5 rc1


Language: English and Russian







What's it?

Its a simple, good looking, universal and configurable backup and restore tool for GTA series.

Note: You can use tool with any game or software that you like to, just dont forget 2 put all Repair GTA

files into game root folder, then just edit ini files (its really simple, all you need 2 know you can read

in comments inside INI files).

You can also tweak compression type if u like to, read Rar.txt for additional information.

But some of you guys knew it before, it was released back in 2004 at codenamevice and codenamegta3

with as series of extra skinpatches to suit GTA3 or GTA VC visual style. Also it was in list of TOOLs in some

pined topic here, but link was pointing to my old site that not exist 3 years.... and last thing - there so many

peoples who didnt though that this tool is compatible with GTA SAN ANDREAS... so its reason why it was forgotten.


Now in end of 2007 year while we all waiting GTA 4 i refreshed my old tool and now its "GTA 4 Ready" so

Repair GTA 1.5 actually is the first tool for gta iv (gta4) (as well as for any other game).

Yep GTA 4 isnt released, and we dont know file\directory structure (possibly similar 2 table tennis)

but when it will be released u will need just spend 1 minute 2 edit INI file and tool will work in gta 4.





-All settings now stored inside external config *.ini files, nothing hardcoded anymore,

so you can use now "Repair GTA" with any game.

-Interface Redesigned

-Added new Rar archivation module with greatly improved performance (packing\unpacking speed)

-Added Russian translation.




Note: You must have Visual Basic 6 runtime installed, otherwise program may not work!

You can download VB6 runtime for FREE from Microsoft WebSite! Necessary dll file included,

also you possibly may have VB6 runtime already installed. IF program will crash then get VB runtime here


-Just copy all files into root of your game, each game should have separate copy of Repair GTA installed

in root folder of game (for example C:\Program files\Rockstar games\GTA 3)




-Just run RepairGTA.exe from game folder, u will c simple instructions rite in program.

-You can edit backuplist.ini before backup procedure, to add or remove some file\folders into backup,

by default everything in folders MODELS, TEXT, DATA, TXD will be included in backup (if folder not exist

it will be ignored but other folders\files from list will be packed)

-you can tweak compression settings in rar.ini file, for additional help read RAR.txt (included)



Download links (file size 924 KB):

Voodooman`s hideout v3 (hosted at www.gta-action.ru) - This is my new site (note for peoples who was looking for historical justice at old voodooman.gtwar.com and voodooman.fromru.com)


**If u wish to publish this tool at your site please read the readme.

Edited by Voodooman
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  • 1 month later...

Final release coming at the week with minor improvements and automatic installer.

And little bonus new GTA 4 screensaver, based on my old GTA SA screensaver (u can find it at gta garage) also coming soon.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 9 months later...

Almost year since release, and now it will be handy peops who messing with GTA 4 mods)

I have already version 1.6 with many improvements, but i need to add in predefined ini all most modded directories with files (to not just pack all the game data with files that probably no one will ever mod)

can anyone help me with list of dirs?

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  • 1 month later...

just bumping the thread because i think it might come handy for all the peoples who messing with mods and crewing up original files))

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