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Cannot find available video memory?


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Wat the? WAs working fine, then had some problems with the crashing and stuff, fixed it, now it says "Cannot find available video memory"?....wtf

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Go to start>run and type in the box Dxdiag


Now click on the display tab, then look where it says approx total memory. Tell us how much it says


Also, please read the pinned posting requirements.

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Go to Start -> Run -> dxdiag.exe. Under the display tab, make sure that Direct3D and DirectDraw are enabled.


Also, right-click on desktop -> Properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> Troubleshoot -> Make sure that the hardware acceleration is at FULL.


Then after doing that, delete [.set] and if compatibility was turned off, set it to Windows 98/Me. If it was already on, turn it off.

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One help thread per person/problem please.... makes it easier




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