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i would like to talk about something that is bugging me.

gta SA had heaps of gameplay right, but it has been told that some of this has been taken out such as tatoos, larger aircrafts andhaircuts are a bit more limited.


BUT i still think gta IV is going to beat SA. because every time something get pulled out something else even better can get thrown in such as computers, emailing andeven the ability to watch TV so i think you can understand this;

but also gameplay isnt everything in my personal opinion the best storylines were in VC LCS and SA but vice city had the best storyline in my opinion.

hopefully gta IV's story is even better as i said before(in worse grammer) i would

like a twist of some sort.


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"gta SA had heaps of gameplay right"


It's hard for me to understand what you mean by this. It makes sense, although it is very subjective, to say how good the gameplay is. You could talk about how many hours worth of missions in the story there was. But "heaps of gameplay" is kinda off, gameplay isn't really a quantitative amount.


You seem to be talking about gameplay in terms of added features like haircuts, tattoos, computers, emailing, and TV. The way I define an added feature is something that is mutually exclusive with the gameplay, and all of these things fit that category because they do not actually add to or effect the gameplay in any way. What I would most like to see is a game with no "added features." Every aspect of the game should fit naturally into in a way that it is and integral part of the gameplay, not something that exists separately from the rest of the game. An example of this would be the ability to jump out of a moving vehicle that was added in vice city, it ties in smoothly with the gameplay. I would say that dancing, and some might disagree, was an example of an added feature because it really exists separately from the rest of the game, even if it was in a mission it was distinctly a dancing mission. People are constantly talking about realism in the sense of how many "realistic" added features there are like taking a sh*t and going to prison, when what is really going to give the game realism is to have all the aspects of gameplay come together as cohesive integral whole so it feels like what you are doing is in a real natural world.


I think a good example of this cohesive realistic gameplay can be seen by comparing the mission where you sneak onto the boat in San Andreas to the mission where you sneak on the boat in Metal Gear Solid 2. In my mind there is no question which one felt more real: meatal gear solid, and not because of any added features. If you have played both of these you would know the difference is like night and day. The different aspects of gameplay come together in a way that makes the mission feel much more intense, interesting, and realistic, and makes it far more fun. Even things that seem very much like added features like going into lockers and even smoking tie into the gameplay quite nicely. I think this is what GTA needs to strive for, and I hope that is what they are doing. Not being a fake feeling GTA with a bunch of "realistic" added features, but doing GTA in a way where the gameplay comes together in a natural realistic way. f*ck the added features.

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Vive La France

What's up with the double post?


But I do think IV will have some interesting little things. We'll just wait and see.

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