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Name: "WoWAddict"


Size: 850px Width and 407px Height


Theme: I want the words "WoWAddict" printed on the picture, with it fading into "Custom Bosses" then fading to "Custom Instances" then fading to "Custom Gear" and then fading back to "WoWAddict"


Resources: user posted image I would like the top bit of her body, for example Link. I would like something similar to that, in the size previously specified, and with different font.


Colors: I would like the writing black, if not black, then something that looks nice.


Additional info: Thanks guys. It's for a private server I will be opening. smile.gif


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Digïtál £vîl

Don't have time to animate it. But I do have a still version if you want for now.


user posted image


Font is called: Morpheus


or some sorts.

Edited by Digïtál £vîl
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Yes perfect font style, its very nice thanks digi. Having it animated would be great, if you ever have time. I would write more but im on my mobile so its taking forever to type.


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