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The Dark Knight Joker Sig Request


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Name: If "C'mon Hit Me!!!" could be put on the bottom right of the pic..


Size: Max. forum size please


Theme: A sig of the scene from the new trailer with Joker walking up the street firing his gun.


Resources: Link To Trailer Scene is at around 1:44 -1:46 minutes in


Colors: Pretty much the scene from the trailer..albeit a bit less darker.


Additional info: N/A


Would really appreciate this. Cheers. icon14.gif

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Well I tried.


user posted image




Tell me if you want anything changing.


Heres the PNG file I have. It might be too big though. I forgot the file limit when I was doing it.

user posted image




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Digïtál £vîl

It wasn't the scene what you wanted, but I felt it worked well. I couldn't get a clear shot of the scene you wanted. So I worked around it.




user posted image




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Cheers Digital, that is quite awesome. Thanks. icon14.gif


If anyone else wishes to try feel free to.

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