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Star Wars Mod


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Hello Everybody!

I am Building a mod Called Starwars Ep-VII {Return Of The Sith}. . . .



Please Help!!! Anyone!!!

I Have Almost Finished Darth Vader Player Model, Luke`s Land Speeder & Stormtroopers, But I Need Some One To Create A Jedi Outfit & A PEd Model Of Anakin Skywalker & Obi Wan Kenobi......


Please Help!!!Please Help!!!Please Help!!!Please Help!!!Please Help!!!


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But doesn't this belong in the Recruit/Request or whatever it's called section?


Unless he has something, it should be either locked or moved...

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Looks like this is simply a not-so-clever way to disguise a Humongous GTA Total Conversion Recruit Threadâ„¢ in the mod showroom. You have not more than a day to show some sort of progress that proves this is an actual mod and not just another cry for help with your planet-sized mod that will need years of development. We're really quite tired of 'TCs' that consist of three fourteen year olds with Paint trying to recruit actual modders to do the work for them. Just prove you're not one of those.

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