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Invincible Ped videos


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Okey dokey...

Vids 1 & 2...was hanging out, sh*t started, (not MY fault) gunfire, explosions, death...the usual...noticed this guy getting BACK into a vehicle "in the backseat"...apparently his driver was capped. Opportunity knockin so I took him

into the flood control to play with. The Perrenial would'nt even make it down the RAMP without sliding off onto its roof (any comments bagga rabbit?) and blowing up...we both bailed and then I proceeded to pump several THOUSAND rounds into this SuperPed...VERY creepy...I mean what

do you do? Finally I satcheled him but misjudged a "safe" distance and wasted myself.






Vid 3...This ped is just your ordinary garden variety passenger in a jacked ride who foolishly did NOT bail immediately...so I whupped out the double-barreled "street howitzers" and "got some" This variety ped does eventually die (18

-22 shots)

Note how calm and focused I stay when the cops start to annoy!




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Nice vids!


It's funny how in the 3rd video the thing above the peds head actually turns black (which means she is dead) but yet she is still alive.


I've noticed that if you break into one of the police garages and one of the cops gets on the radio to call for backup, if you shoot him he will be invincible while he is on the radio but then die after he is done talking. Just a fun thing I thought I would add. biggrin.gif

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Struff Bunstridge

Haha, awesome. Would've liked to see the satchel vid for the first ped though.

With the second one, you sometimes get animations that need to be fulfilled. Like when your homies pull someone out of a car, if you kill the guy when he's on the floor, the animations sometimes carries on to make him get up, then he falls over dead. Dunno why it happened with the second one though. Nice nailing of the cop car right at the end.

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Man..I wish I could find 3 of those "invincible peds" and use the "recruit anyone" cheat. Get a sweet Sultan and drive through the whole of S.A. causing mayhem without worrying that one of my "homies" might get plugged in the head. cool.gif

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