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Can someone help?


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Can someone with a cheat device upload a save game with a flyable dodo

on it so i can use it on my PSP, thanks. I beleive it can be done, i have a file

i got from the internet with a non flyable dodo(the link's at the bottom.), i want one i can fly.



Non flyable dodo


Oh, and i need it for the EUROPEAN version.


Please help...

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notify.gif You'll need rocket boost, the dodo is known not to move without rocket boost. icon14.gifwink.gif




hope it works,


Also, it is that this link will go to ps2 if you own GTA LCS for psp then swith to it at the top.

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I don't think the Dodo is flyable at all in the game. I know that a helicopter could possibly be flown, but the Dodo is unenterable.

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Thanks for the help, but i have the psp version and don't want to

download a cheat device.

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