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Another "invisible interior"


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Well I'm on a roll...here's another one...found it

yesterday afternoon on my way to film a future post. I'm on PC.

Btw if you do the paramedic mission here as I've done the last few times it will run you in a

triangle Montgomery/Dillimore/Palomino Creek.





Edited by punknoodle
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SA BMX 32...

Neither of these two (Zombotech/Mont Hospital)

offer access to the Underworld, but there are

plenty of other places...will make a list if your interested.

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  • 5 years later...

Dillimore barber interior replaced with Dillimore diner (where you meet Catalina) interior.



Codebreaker 7+
Action Replay Max

7601B550 00000000

28D31F2B 0C31C1AF



17FCEBBB 3A9491F6


Action Replay Max




Replacement 1st lines:

(if need be)










PAL v1
Codebreaker 7+
Action Replay Max

76001ED0 00000000

28D37E2B 0C31C1AF



54055E79 06CD586A


Action Replay Max




Replacement 1st lines:

(if need be)









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What car is that? A modded Patriot?
The displayed vehicle has the form of the FBI Rancher, though a Patriot is plausible too. It's certainly altered, nonetheless. Although the Montgomery medical center has an interior hole, it doesn't link you to the interior universe.
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Hi Guys! If whats left of my brain isnt failing me I believe that vehicle was an ambulance, modded of course. I had a LOT of mods back then, several hundred total, tho now like playing unmodded except for the vehicle handling file. Lost the textures but kept the handling. Just finished 5 playthrus since February, it had been a few years since I last played still a GREAT game!

Heck, its been over 2 years since I last posted anything...rambling on...

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