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San Andreas Nut

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San Andreas Nut



Name: I would like the text "The-Soviet-Union" done in a fitting font, quite small, where you see fit. I would also like this text somewhere, "Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!" the text can be gold if possible.


Size:400pixels in width and 88 pixels in height.


Theme: I would like a 'Soviet' red and jet black theme.


Resources: I would like these images somewhere on the sig.






Colors: basically that lovely red and black.


Additional info: just a 1pixel black border.





Size: 64x64


Just a little cut out of the signature, a hammer and sickle would be gold, cheers. and 1 pixel black border please.



Thankyou to all that give it a go smile.gif



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San Andreas Nut

that looks great mate, could you put the text "The-Soviet-Union" in the same color as the existing text somewhere in the lower right portion, cheers.


Still open to other's contributions smile.gif

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