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homies glitch

Gangster OG

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don't give me stick if this has been discovered before


1) take your GSF homies to the abandoned airstrip in the desert

2) go to the hanger at the end, the one where you can store vehicles and planes

3) make your homies follow you until they are on the line where the hanger doors open and close

4) make then stop right on the point where the doors slide, (as if they would be crushed when the doors close)

5) when the doors close you should see your homies stuck halfway in and halfway out of the hanger (THIS IS NOT THE GLITCH) 6) move away from the door and take out a sniper rifle

7) snipe the homies who are half way in and half way out the hanger

8) they should go flying high in the air and land/spawn on the hanger roof, chillin/chatting.


if you want them to follow u they will fall off.


*i use the xbox version, but should still work on other consoles*



- sorry, bit of a random pointless glitch, but one i felt should be notified none the less, sorry if this is old news - dontgetit.gif



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The Night Fox

I just tried and it didn't work confused.gif


Can someone else try it, see if it happens or not.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

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the homies have to be stuck halfway in the door...

i'm on xbox, what console are you on?


i'll post a video of it asap, because it has worked countless times for me

i'll put it on youtube and post the link on this thread Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif

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Hey man...neat find...I'm on PC...sniping didnt

seem to work (I didnt try hard) BUT...if you just move off a little (for a good view) and call them

(while they're half in/out of door) they elevate up to the overhang (half in, half out of door), pop out and jump down! Pretty cool...

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