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More evidence of Snow?


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heres another excuse to watch the trailer again.

(works best in higher resolution of course)

during the final scene with Nikolai and the british? gangsters, notice the window/door over his shoulder.


thats either rainwater contacting surfaces and trickling off (holy sh*t if weather effects are that extensive on the environment) or its snow. simple as that. either way, hype train is out of f*cking control, and if it isn't, it damn well should be!




having watched it slow-mo i may have fooled myself into thinking it COULD be snow, because i teh idiot. video played at normal speed it seems to fall faster than any snow in earth gravity ever would, so its most likely rain.

to draw attention away from this fact, i present you all with a revelation of the utmost importance....... pornography is evil.


pornography = Money x Time

(most would agree that time IS money, therefore Time = Money)


pornography = Money x Money


pornography = Money*2


since we know Money is the root of all Evil...


pornography = Evil


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