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Two Player Co-Op?


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'lo all, new to this forum, new to reading about GTA4, just wondering is there a co-op mode on the new GTA4?


will you be able to do up cars? Are there lots of different cars and styles of people? Not the same old cars and people you see everywhere?


Is there any animals? Kids? Can you fly jet planes? Is the whole city available at start? To just roam around, or you have to unlock places to go by doing missions?


Thanks all smile.gif

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we still dont know for sure what co-op will be. No kids, no animals, and pretty much anything you would expect from a GTA.


take a look through the forums before you post, most, if not all, will answer your questions. Also check out the GTAIV Factsheet in the official news section.

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Animals....No...Kids...No....Planes...No....Cars....Majority i think look different, and new chracter models. You would be able to find out these by reading abit more.


Doing up cars and Co-Op i am unsure about.

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