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paynspray heli


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Not sure about VCS.

But in VC you could, because the P&S added "wheels" to the helicopter.


But why do you ask?


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No, i am not trying to increase my postcount. And i was asking because i REALLY suck at flying helicopters, and i wanted to know if i could fix them without cheating.

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if you do the health cheat inside a vehicle, it will stop the smoke coming out of the engine and fix your tires, (obviously it will only fix tires if you are in a vehicle with tires.) tounge.gif

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lol.gif But why they don't respray Bovver '64?

I wanna respray the character when he's low on health. Why can't I? sarcasm.gif



Seriously though, in VC you can fit a Sparrow/Sea Sparrow in Vercetti Estate's Garage.

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