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Present & Judge V1(Cars)


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Have any of you who wanted to show off your cars but you don't know how or you can't? Now it is your chances. Mod or decorate your car in such ways and present them to us and we will judge them. Whoever get the highest points, we will listed in highscores.


It is very simple. All you need is to mod or decorate your car, take a picture of it, present and we will judge.







Now, there are 2 criterias that will be taken seriously during in the judgement.


1) writing skills - How good are you when it comes to writing skills?

Good grammar, spelling are all important as they will

add points to you.


2) snapshot skills - Can you take pictures in far distance? The colour,

the angle are all aspects that are taken seriously.


This opens to all people in GTAForums.com



a)Picture should be 1000 height X1000 width in size.

b)Description should not contain bad word, otherwise you will disqualified. In other word, you will get banned.


Highscores will be shown at the first post.


Whoever want to become the judges, please PM me.



So hurry up. And don forget 'Always be cool.gif '






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