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Vice City MOD [NJ]


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hey everyone ya im new to signing up but ive been looking through this site for 2 years now maybe more.


my names Richard, im making a mod for vice city. basically i got the plans for the new world but also keep vice city map as well. i just need help to help me figure out how to make it so i can fly back and forth to vice city and my new world. like ur in vice city but its the same. you book a flight and fly to vice city. i need to know how i can do this. maybe adjust the coordnites i dont know. or maybe make the world zone bigger i dont know. so again im asking for some one to help me asap. thank you .


any suggestions of a story line. and jobs that can be on the side as well as in the story would be awesome.


write away haha write away.

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You're asking a few different things here, but they all belong in the respective modding forums. Being here two years as you claim, you should know that!



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