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The Art Of Graffiti


Recommended Posts

that irag graf is ill. 12oz prophet is a top forum.



and yeah just post whatever...think i said it in my original post, but i got all paranoid on here after being out one night and deleted a few things.

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All of you need to get this. It's available for the cheap price of shove it down your pants and walk the f*ck out of Borders, f*ck paying $50.

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Anyone else hate the faux-busted-stars more than the blue squares?

Edited by *MURDOC*
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this was my first bit of vandalism ever, i did last week... i mean art cool.gif


user posted image


( space ghost tounge.gif )


i wana do stencils first to get used to, you know just graffitti and all, then start to do more detailed stuff, im a VERY good artist and im actually gona buy a airbrush tomorrow or saturday as im really into it.

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No, no it's not. I am a writer, I am not an artist. I don't believe in the words "street art", because it's a bunch of bullsh*t that hipster dumbasses use. Stencils are fine here, however.

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That being said, develop a hand and a throw, unless you plan on doing nothing but stencils, which I don't really advise against. Dude here's got hella ups with a kool aid man stencil, he recently started painting it too. tounge.gif

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SpaceGhost can look pretty in so many ways.

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You stencilin' chaps might enjoy seeing some of Posterchild's work;




Its all pretty interesting stuff, I've never been good with a spray can so I steer clear, but I do admire the skill it takes.

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Here's a few photos from my home town. They're not the most artistic of people (most of them probably have around 8 fingers on each hand anyway) but I thought I'd share regardless.



user posted image user posted image user posted image


The first one is a changing rooms for a local under-16's football team, littered with scrawls. The next is a steel bridge over some railway lines. There's a lot of bridges in my town and almost every single one has some "art" on it. The third one is a container used as a storage shed in the park and every time it gets too cluttered, they get a new one, which then gets tagged even more. Vicious circle.



user posted image user posted image user posted image


These are in the skatepark just up the road from me, which routinely undergoes cleaning. As fast as they can get rid of it, it goes right back up. The amount of layers there is mindblowing. I remember marking the ramp on the first picture for the first time before it got completely covered with other works.



user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image


This next lot are done by two local artists, known as "Clic" and "8 Ball". I know one of them very well, and considering how much of a nerd he is, he can sure spread those 8 Ball tags anywhere he goes. Clic controversially tags buildings, ranging from the local corner shop to a Christian Awareness building, as pictured. I've stuck these in links as I've reached my ten image per post limit. 8 Ball, more 8 Ball, Clic and one I don't recognize.

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For the "person" that just reported Laz's post; pay attention.


It wasn't Masterkraft's work, so he's not "diss"ing "that guys work platently". wink.gif


Oh and, that's not my spelling mistake, obviously.

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I'll make sure it will. Have you considered taking up graff and writing it? tounge.gif


Been working on a new throw lately, it's f*cking terrible though. I don't know if I should even bother posting flicks.

Edited by XN22
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cheers man. Was searching around for characters to do for a few weeks, and had a can of orange lying around. Topic came up in gaming chat so it was all go from there. Used to love that game.



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Man, didnt realise there was a graf thread here. Its been years since me and my mates used to bomb up underpasses, was thinking of dropping by the shops the other day and pick up some colours but never got round to it.


Still sketch a bit in my spare time, but its never anything more serious than a 5 minute job, might post up a few of them nonetheless


ps - nice job OH, looking good man...

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Yeah post away man..always good to see what styles people are rocking. I was thinking about getting some throw based battles goin on, nothing special..fairly simple, time limit on em and that. Nothing brings improvement like competition. Dunno if it would really take off tho.

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user posted image


Didn't turn out how i wanted it too.

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Jesus christ, I'm gone for a week and you guys only post once? mad.gif


Anyways, Sace and Earsnot are so dope, that you can see their rollers from the ocean. Pictures coming when I feel like it.

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