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Game Lag problem :(


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I have San Andreas for PC

San Andreas is the only game I have on my laptop, yet the lag is bad at times

I've been trying to mess around with the graphic settings, but that doen't help

Did anyone have the same problem or does someone have a solution?

Thnx ! smile.gif

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Most likely It's either your hard drive or your RAM. RAM (random access memory) is used (in lamence terms) for speed. There is a requirment of RAM for GTA SA. If you do not have the specified RAM, then take it up with a computer repair specialist. If you can't find one (though easy to find) go buy another computer with the correct amount of RAM for the game.


Now, if you have the correct amount of RAM and are still pondering over this, go to the start menu-all programs-accessories-system tools-disk defrag. A defrag for your hard drive is like organizing your house or office space. Basicly It's a program that takes the cluttered files and stores them where needed, it organizes your hard drive. By doing this, it will greatly effect your speed on your computer, just like a house or office space, being organized you will be able to do things faster versus being unorganized and slow. This will probably help you out on your game. Hope I helped.

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Tweak the bloody hell out of it as in turning off

all non-essential programs and XP has a lot of them, assuming you have windows XP...google

"tweaking windows xp" for a start

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I think the key would lie in your video card, or ram, open the task manager and look in processes, and see how memeory you're using..

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