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GTA IV tv/movie references


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So I was wandering what could be cool references to movies that we could see in GTA IV??

You know like the bloody room in Vice City in reference to Scarface...


Maybe a room with a dead lawyer with the word “GREED” written in blood on the floor (se7en) or a big spider web on top of a building (spider man).


Any ideas??


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they said that they were going for a wider scope so they wanted to simulate a whole city and not just be inspired by a movie, this doesn't stops them from putting in some hints to one.

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In terms of displays for store fronts, but in the main plot, it would be looser then ever before. I know they had wanted to make an actual film from GTA in the past and maybe waiting for an even more original premise is better. But GTA really covers alot of ground over the series and where you think one film might go, as it relates, or not ...to the next GTA installment as well!


To clarify I mean it's easy to say Scarface, but I think compared to all the films made in this type of genre the games are set in, any number of setups compare to past stories from others.

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