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[REL|FINAL] High Quality/HD GTA Cars

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Onepiece's High Definition GTA3 cars 2007-2011       DOWNLOAD LINKS   Tri-Pack for III/Vice City Tri-Pack for San Andreas Tri-Pack for IV  

Yep I do it all with 3dsmax 9 (I need to update) and photoshop using Kams scripts for import and exporting. Anyway I got a little distracted last night and made a III style mustangish car, Im calling

The Stank is now available for download here! http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27520           Things are also progressing with the technical details of the Savanna/Blade In

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Oh today release please please!  cookie.gif  cookie.gif  cookie.gif  cookie.gif  cookie.gif  cookie.gif

It'll be released when it'll be released. Don't rush it, rushing things usually makes the final product feel, and/or look, sloppy..

Edited by Inusan
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The Rocker

This has been in progress for years now, I will gladly wait another week for the release. Just thinking of all the effort you put into this, OnePiece, makes me really excited to drive around with all the cars - and that's not even counting their quality, which is simply outstanding! smile.gif As long as it's out before the Grand Theft Auto III decennial anniversary, I'm happy! smile.gif

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I see standart radar map textures on your screenshots, OnePiece. Can you include yojo2 HQ radar in final pack?

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yes the pack is still certainly going to come out before IIIs 10th anniversary (13 days away). Ill check out about adding yojos radar tonight.

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hey One Piece, I have your previous HD Claude and in the cutscenes appears without his head, instead he has the original one, have you corrected that with this new version or i installed your mod wrong?

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Ill convert them to IV myself once a proper script is written for 3dsmax. in the mean time Ill let other people convert them through zmodeler.

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damn, a shame u wont convert them with Zm, if i didn't had any projects, then i would love to convert them all for u confused.gif

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Ive tried to use zmodeler before and its a pain. When a max script is finally released Ill do it right.

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rofl, i don't use Max at all tounge.gif i use Zm only for converting and modelling, pretty easy tho. anyway, can't wait for ur newest pack (even tho i don't have any 3rd era games installed).


u're simply one of the best modellers ever smile.gificon14.gif

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leik oh em jeez!

Really? I've always loved Z Modeler. But that's what I learned with, so that might explain it.


Two more posts?

Edited by leik oh em jeez!
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leik oh em jeez!

If given enough time with it, you'd see it's quite simple really.


Damn, 20 per page. 4 more then.

Edited by leik oh em jeez!
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leik oh em jeez!

May very well be a wise decision, or it could be a complete waste of time. Only one way to find out though.


Dos mas.

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user posted image

(Click for a larger image.)




After nearly 4 years, countless hours of work, and many sleep deprived nights may I present to you my GTA3 HD vehicle pack. Every vehicle from the past 2 packs remastered plus 18 previously unreleased vehicles as well as HD weapons, icons, effects, and my HD Claude model make up the Tri-Pack.


I never started this mod intending to remake every III car, I only planned to make a few select favorites at first, but before I knew it I was redoing every damn car, haha. This mod has at many times been an exercise in self motivation as well as labour of love, but I think the final product speaks for itself. Nit pickers many times irritated me but in the end you guys forced the standard higher, and the pack looks better as a result, so thanks guys smile.gif


Many ideas and suggestions from you guys have been incorporated into the final product which has really made these cars a product of GTAF. Cheers to Autodesk for their fantastic tools, Kam for his max scripts, SteveM, REspawn, and any other tool maker whose work has helped me to complete this project.


Making this mod has taught me more than any university course could have about 3D/2D art, goals, and self motivation (and it didnt cost me a cent.) So that's it guys, I'm done with cars, for now. I plan on converting the pack to IV once a stable script is written for 3dsmax, but I have no current plans for creating any more scratch cars. Until then, I'll let other people convert them through zmodeler as they like, I'll get links up on the first page for every IV conversion I have soon. Please don't PM me requesting me to make a HD car for you. Its been unreal, thank you all icon14.gif









Tri-Pack for III/Vice City

Tri-Pack for San Andreas








This pack includes:






Diablo Stallion






Camo Patriot (5 different paint jobs)

Police Car

Beta Police Car (NYPD blue)




Yakuza Stinger

Yardie Lobo



Mafia Sentinel

Line Runner



Barracks OL

Cartel Cruiser

BF Injection





Mule - Fish Van

Mule - Wongs


Pony - Panlantic

Pony - Toyz Van


Rumpo - Hoods



Corpse Manana











Fire Truck




RC car









Cuban Hermes


  OTHER (GTA3 Exclusive)

HD Claude

HD wheels

HD weapons

HD icons

HD radar

HD fonts

HD particle system

New handling.cfg

New collision files






GTA Mallorca (Mr.Whoopee and Cartel Cruiser model)

Vakooja (HD Claude face texture)

1TUFFS (Particles and reflection texture)

Myster92 (Deluxo model)

HD Icons and radar by yojo2


All the fans and people who've stuck around over the years (even the old dudes from LC2010), cheers for showing your interest.


Edited by OnePiece
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