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I was wondering if anybody can create a series of hovering vehicles like the fifth element




I know, I've seen 'ALIEN CITY' and hovercars are created there, but i cannot download them seperately


I would love to have pretty every car in the game converted into hovering vehicles and I haven't seen any seperate files to download in the vehicle section


If anybody is able to create hovercars and flying cars or convert original GTA cars (for instance remove their wheels and put some bit'n'pieces on them) It would be greatly appreciated by many other members of this website.


I was planning to replace normal cars with hovercars and replace many types of small aircraft with flying cars. colgate.gif


It would give my cities a futuristic theme.


so then again whoever can make or convert the stock cars to hovercars you would be very popular with the members and many will download.


Thanks you guys

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I was just thinking is that people wouldn't hear my request in the pinned topic so i made a new topic


please reply if you have ant ideas or to confirm if you are going to take this on


moderaters can lock this topic if they want to, but more people can be still able to see my request regardless if it is locked or not


thanks you guys

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Fail. And this is why:


*Your language used is making it obvious that you know most people

will tell you to do it yourself.


*You posted again, stating that you feel somehow above everyone

else's requests, as yours needs more views this way.


*You didn't wait for a reply. The law of attraction states that pressure

is the enemy.


*These topics require moderator approval, your request is valid,

else it would not have been shown.


Now, don't go getting mad, friend, I am only pointing out how requests

are best one line of what you want instead of manipulation through

language (kudos, you are skilled, even if you didn't mean it wink.gif)


Now, as for this request since I've put it upon myself to share with you

how a request laid out like this one makes people feel, I will also share some

insight at what you're looking at:


Hovering cars are a cool idea and have been done, but it's a lot of work if

you want any kind of quality (patch the wheel wells, etc). A lot more work than

anyone is really willing to do on the whim of a request, that is, unless you

happen to get a reader/modder who just creams floods at your idea.


We're all here modding the game and helping each other as much as possible

to understand what any of us might not yet understand. We can help you

too, it isn't really hard to learn, it's just those first few steps.


If you make a car like this, I will make a car like this. (anyone who quotes

that and prevents my future withdrawl of this offer is teh meanie)


Then you will have two, and a good start wink.gif



LUCK FOR A BUCK!!!!! f*ck Yea!


GTAF's Most Annoying Unbanned Member.

user posted image

bai. -jllr

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i felt a little inspired for all what Mr. Derty has wrote, i'm always happy to help others modding, and yee.. he had pointed some important things but what counts is what u can learn more what u can miss... what ever...


i was thinking in that of the flying cars... and i only could have think in one solution, maybe u want cars that can go and come like the Hydra, with ground handling, vertical elevation and great maneuver on air.... maybe one day in the future, but now perhaps that i can do a car, you know, like the Palomino XIII from "Vigilante 8: Second Offense":



user posted image


-=( i'm planing to make em, just need time )=-



With some modeling tricks of course to make it looks like floating, i guess that the rest of the trick comes with the "flying cars" cheat... but maybe this could take some time... let me know if you are interested, at least to have a reazon to punt hands on work



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*Your language used is making it obvious that you know most people

will tell you to do it yourself.


eh, the thing is I can't do it myself thats why I'm asking sombody else

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*You didn't wait for a reply. The law of attraction states that pressure

is the enemy.


sorry for this but...




no offence but people must be morons to believe that







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