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About Flash: Calling and Replacing Vars.


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It's good to see that i can ask one of my non-GTA questions here.


First this is my problem, i want to use Flash to make a web page, not one like the noobs do (boring, full of useless graphics and sounds, and heavily full of sh!t) i want to use it to improve my interface with user and helping me to avoid some long scripts on every page, even using CSS. I just want an advice on how i can use efficiently the use of variables to call external files like htm documents, well hml documents to be precise, i looked in a lot of sites for some useful tuts, starting with Flashkit.com and ending in Tutorialized.com, i ever used to call other kind of files inside flash, even used XML inside flash.. but things had getting a little weird, i mean, the code started to act to strange so i just want some good advice or at least a clue, any AS will be helpfuly too.

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