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Peds with memory


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Is there some way I can use memory to spawn a ped in my game ?


I'd like to be able to spawn peds at will (obviously under some limits) using the memory, is this possible or am I waisting my time ?


While I am here also, is there any way I can control what's happening in the SCM from a VB app, could I call functions (opcodes etc) from an external app written in VB (6.0) ?



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Creating a ped entirely in memory is probably possible, but more work than it would be worth. However it is more than possible to inject scm opcodes in real time, like some mods do, and that makes creating anything from peds to vehicles, anything script-able, possible. I think ceedj also uses a variation of this technique for his mods.


Not sure about the Vb part, as i don't code in vb.

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I knew it, I'm going to have to learn C++ mercie_blink.gif


Although I can't compile most of the things here, they all kick off on me. Oh well I'll have another go at the C++ then I guess, thanks for the reply DexX.



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