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Xbox 360 & Monitor

Deuce Deuce

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Quick question.


Recently, I suffered the pain of having my monitor broke - which is what I was using to play my 360 on. Not long ago now, I went ahead and bought a standard TV. Nothing special, but something you could play it on. But now the problem is, going from HD to SD is a real difference. It wouldn't have been a problem if I was using a normal TV for it in the first place because I wouldn't have understood how much the quality difference changes.


To get to the point, I'm wondering whether or not my current monitor will work with it (and the VGA cable, of course). Only problem being is that it doesn't have a VGA input like my other one did. So is there some sort of connecter I could get for it? For example, a connector that has an end where you can plug the end of the VGA cable straight in.


Would it work?


Thanks. icon14.gif

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I'm assuming you mean your monitor has DVI input rather than VGA...


This would do exactly what you're talking about.

No, it doesn't have any input. It just has a chord coming from the end of the monitor with a 15-pin VGA male out (which is just like a standard VGA cable, only it's connected straight to the monitor). What I'm asking is if there is a connector for the end of chord coming from the monitor that turns it into a VGA female in (as opposed male out) so I can plug the xbox VGA straight in there?


If you get what I'm saying..

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Oh, then that's even more simple.


Just stop by Radio Shack (if there's one around, otherwise whatever computer/electronics store) and get This.

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