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Can someone with the talent who is up for the challenge make me a pair of evisu jeans withe m coming down the back of the pants, a small caliber pistol to replace the .45, a wheels pack for which they are all 24 inch rims, a skin to play as rapper lil boosie, a coogi outfit, a pair of all white and a pair of all black air force ones, and a m-14 with a banana clip to replace either the ak-47 or the rifle, a skin for gold teeth for cut scenes, and a throwback football jersey doesn't matter which one.

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Can you read the big yellow letters above you?!

The Mod Showroom is only for posting previews/downloads of completed or near finished mods.

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"Stealing, running, fighting, punching, kicking, screaming. This is the way I have chosen to live. I will accept the consequences"

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