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Finish the Story IV

Vive La France

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Vive La France


"Finish The Story"

Collaborative Writing.



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It's basically a where a group of writers try to create a large story, by taking turns in writing. The next writer will pick off from where the previous person left it. It goes on like that and a lot of entertainment is derived from it. Credit for starting this goes to Vercetti21.


Our previous attempts :

Finish The Story I

Finish The Story II

Finish The Story III : A different idea that failed to proceed smoothly.


FTS IV has been going on quite well.


Would you like you join? Check out our forums at gtaforums.com?


Current writers are:


1. Vercetti21

2. blackjack2

3. Vive La France

4. Vic Campo

5. Mokiesmoky

6. VCHolmes

7. Phil112

8. Don Garcia

9. silvodante


If you want your name on the list, visit the URL above.

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Vive La France


Finish the Story IV




Chapter 1 : Things Will Be Different


Life is complicated, thought the man as he disembarked from the ferry, which was docked in the Algonquin borough of Liberty City. The people it carried scrambled away, trying to get past the crane and crews that were engaged in unloading the cargo. In this hustle and bustle, the man tried to navigate his way out of the docks.



user posted image


A quick glance would have made one think that he was an average citizen of the melting pot of Liberty City. He was a fraction of an inch short of six feet. He looked somewhat in his mid-thirties, with his front hairline receded. He was European; his accent always gave that away. Nikolai Bellic was his name; and he came to Liberty City to pursue what most immigrants did; the American Dream.


Niko had been tempted there by his cousin Roman; he had been promised riches, living the nice life with fifteen cars, four hot tubs and plenty of beautiful girls to go around. Niko was tired of living a rough life in Europe. He had killed, smuggled, robbed and whatever he could do to get hold of money. He wanted to get away from such a life, start over, and forget his dirty past. Roman’s invitation seemed to be a godsend. He had forged a passport, taken whatever means of transport available, and after days of hectic travel, reached America. He had payed $100 for the ferry and a lot of money on the whole. He hoped that his journey would be worthwhile.

“Perhaps here, things will be different,” sighed Niko.


“Where to, mister?” asked the cabbie as Niko seated himself in the posh cab.

“You know Bellic Taxi Company?” asked Niko.

“Never heard of it. Is it new?”

Niko sensed something was wrong. How could Roman be running a successful taxi service that wasn’t well known? He looked at the address scrawled at he bottom of the letter that Roman had sent.

“It’s been around for a while. That’s alright, just drop me on Hopper Street. You know the place?” asked Niko, hoping to be given a positive reply this time.

“Yes I do.” replied the cabbie.


The taxi sped through the streets of Algonquin as Niko glimpsed the inhabitants going about their daily routines. In the distance, he could see the Statue of Happiness, that he had heard so much about. He had read Roman's letter several times, and couldn't wait to live the good life that Roman promised.



user posted image


After paying the cabbie, Niko looked around Hopper Street. It seemed to be a shady location, most of the buildings being tenements.

Why would Roman set up business in such a neighborhood? wondered Niko.

Questions started accumulating in his mind; the sooner he found his cousin, the better.


He walked down Hopper St towards the address at the bottom of the letter.

Whilst giving the letter another re-read Niko accidentally walked into a passer-by, causing his shopping to fall to the floor.

"What the hell man!" Said the man.


Niko walked further along the street.

I hope all the people aren't that easily annoyed, Thought Niko.



user posted image


Niko arrived at the address, 112, Hopper St,

This is the place. Niko thought.

He walked up the few steps to the front door and knocked.


Knock, Knock.


Niko waited for an answer.


"Who is it?" Asked a familiar voice.

"It's me, Niko."

"Niko?" Asked the man.

"Yes, open the door Roman."

"Of course" said Roman. He opened the door, "How are you old friend?" he asked.

"Very good Roman."

"Come in, come in." said Roman.


Roman led Niko into what he called the lounge,

Niko thought to himself, "This is more like a kitchen, bedroom and lounge... I've got to ask the question"

"So Roman, is this your inner city digs or something, you know, when you need to be in the city for business, or what?" asked Niko, looking around the place.

"Well Niko" said Roman.


“You and I, Niko, can only count on one another now,” Roman said. “There are many backstabbers in this world, men that one cannot trust. They are maniacs, always wanting more money than the deal stated or more blood to quench their thirst. We are connected by blood Niko, a blood bond that you and I cannot deny exists. I need you Niko. You know how to get straight to business. You’ve killed and tortured people, Niko…”


“Quiet Roman, don’t talk about my past as if you lived it,” Niko stated.


“I could not stand the life I once lived. I left home to chase something greater. Something that I thought was as attainable as the guns back in our old neighborhood. You know how horrible life was back then. I never had the stomach or the courage that you have had for all your life,” Roman admitted, “I only have a brain…”


“If you have a brain, Roman,” interrupted Niko, “then why don’t you explain to me what this place is? Where are the women and the cars that you have promised me with?”


“I was not entirely truthful with you cousin. I do not have the cars, or the mansion. When I wake up in the morning, I do not even have a woman by my side. I guess you could say that I have had many women, but only if you count women like the fifteen dollar whores, or the drugged up mothers." Roman admitted, "I am lost Niko, and you are the only one who can help me.” Roman said.


“So you mean that when you promised me a new life, a new beginning, you were lying to me?”


“Yes, I lied to you Niko, and I am sorry for that. Please forgive me,” pleaded Roman.


Niko thought long and hard on what he had just been told.

What should I say to Roman? he thought.

He could see the desperate expression within Roman’s face and the sadness that Niko felt, for how his cousin’s life was going for him.


“Niko, please help me,” Roman said, “I’ll make you my partner in my future businesses here.”


“Roman, I’m probably going to regret this, but I will help you. Now, tell me about your situation here in Liberty City.”

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Chapter 2 : Roman's Reality


Roman's solemn, pleading face slowly transformed into a thankful and enthusiastic grin.


"I knew you would help me," Roman smiled, "I just knew it."


Niko continued to stare at his troubled relative. Although he felt sympathy for Roman, Niko was a man of few words and very little expression. He was masculinity at its finest; a gruff and bitter man. And he hid his inner emotions with pride behind his unshaven, careless face, making it clear that a "soft side" did not exist anywhere within his soul.


Roman cleared his throat and spoke again. "It all started about 4 years ago, when I first came to America. I was just a poor immigrant looking for a new beginning, much like you. Long story short: I met some people, borrowed some money to get on my feet, and started a little business here."


Roman slowly stood to his feet, and the piercing squeak of his cheap, plastic chair caused Niko to cringe as Roman began to pace across the floor. "As you can see," Roman proceeded as he raised his arms in the air to emphasize the horrible conditions of his ramshackled home, "my business isn't going very well here. So I borrowed more money from different people, and borrowed even more after that. Look at this place, Niko, it's barely livable. But no matter how much money I borrow, I just can't seem to get the taxi company on its feet."


Roman sighed and once again looked hopelessly at Niko. "You got a cigarette?"


Niko wasn't thinking as he patted around his jacket pockets, knowing the whole time that he did not have any. "No," Niko shrugged, "I don't smoke too much anymore."


"Yeah, I've tried quitting a thousand times but then I figured, hell, if I'm going to die from cancer or a bullet, give me cancer."


Roman slightly chuckled at his lame comment as Niko continued to glare at him.


"You want to go grab some ciggs with me? There's a convenience store down the street, and I'll show you the garage downstairs on the way."




Roman unlocked the handle and lifted the garage door into the ceiling from outside. The street was crowded as the morning rush hour traffic had yet to settle. Inside were two taxi cabs, if you could call them taxi cabs. The yellow paint was dull and faded on both of them, several windows were smashed in, and Niko could see several holes and tears in the interior.


"What the hell is this?" Niko confusingly inquired.


"This..." Roman announced, "is the Bellic Taxi Company, and you are now the partial owner, responsible for fifty percent of its profits."


"Wait a minute Roman," Niko paused, "I never agreed to anything."


Roman looked back at Niko with a frown of sorrow. "Niko please, you said you would help me."


Niko shook his head. "But look at this Roman, you have two broken-down taxis that probably don't even run, below a one-roomed apartment. This is your business? Do you even have any drivers?"


"Well," Roman muttered, "I did have Manny, and Natalia. But I wasn't able to pay them, they quit, and now Manny wants my head."




"He's just Mexican trash. Grew up on the west side of town and came here one day looking for a job. He's crazy, but it's not him I'm afraid of. The real problem is the gang he's apart of: the Vatos, bunch of lunatic beaners. And I'm afraid that if I don't get him his money, they will be sure to get it for him."


Niko thought for a moment, and looked back at Roman in shock. "Who else do you owe money to? You must have had to meet some high-profile people to be able to borrow enough money to start a business."


Roman quickly changed the subject. "Doesn't matter. But hey, there's two of us, and two cabs. You and me are the only people we need right now."


"Roman," Niko said quietly as he shook his head, "I'm new to Liberty City. How do you expect me to earn money driving a cab if I don't know my way around? What about this... Natalia person? Can't you just hire her again?"


"Natalia is out of the question," Roman slightly laughed, "she's no threat to me, but I can't pay her right now. But you raise an excellent point, Niko."


Roman fiddled around in his pocket, dug out a small ring of keys, and tossed them to Niko.


"You're driving," Roman announced. "Come on," he said as he entered the passenger door of one of the cabs, "we'll pick up some cigarettes, and I'll show you around the city. Then we'll talk about getting this business on its feet."


Niko's eyes moved from the keys in his dirty hand, to the severely injured, pale-yellow taxi cab with the cheap logo labeled "Bellic Taxi Company" on the top.


"Okay..." Niko said as he slowly moved towards the car door.


Niko put the key in the lock, or atleast he tried to,

"Oh, that," said Roman "You have to jiggle it a bit."

Niko tried again jiggling the key.

The key finally eased its way into the lock,

"God, this will be the first thing I will fix up" Niko thought.


He opened the door then took the key out and put it in the ignition and turned.


The engine whired into gear.


"Where to?" Niko asked jokingly to Roman.

"Just down the street." said Roman, missing the joke.


Niko put the car into first, and it slowly made it's way put of the garage, smoking all the way.


"So, who runs the store?" asked Niko,

"Some Indian couple or something," replied Roman,

"Any security?" asked Niko,

"Why do you ask?" asked Roman, then it clicked "Look Niko, the ...." Just then Roman worked out that he didn't know their names. "This couple are good to me, when I couldn't pay for the odd thing they let me have credit, you are not holding the place up,"

"Who said anything about holding the place up?" Niko said, as he parked the car in a space outside the store.


Niko got out of the car, and was just about to automatically lock the car but then he thought. "Who the hell is going to steal this heap of junk?"


Niko opened the door to the shop,


Ding, Ding


Niko looked round the store as Roman went to the counter to get some ciggs.

Niko was intrigued by one of the many posters adorning the walls,

"Get a gun, NOW! Who's going to protect your kids? Those fat-cats up in washington, no way, buy a gun, NOW!!!!"

But before he could ask any of the staff he heard a old horn outside, he looked out the window. It was Roman waiting in the car.


Niko made his way out the shop and towards the car,

"Thankyou, come again!" said the man behind the counter,


Niko went through the whole routine again,




Niko edged his way out of the parking space,

"Want a cig?" asked Roman,

"You know, I could really do with one right now." replied Niko,

Niko retraced his steps back to headquarters,


Niko slowly seated himself on Roman’s couch, not wanting to worsen its poor state.


He looked around Roman’s living space that was behind his office. Everything looked old, dusty and broken.

How the hell is Roman wiling to live in this hellhole? Thought Niko.

Roman appeared out of his small kitchen and handed Niko a bag of Potato Chips.


“Sorry cousin, I couldn’t find anything else for the time being. We’ll lunch in a couple of hours.” Said Roman


Niko stared at the chips. Uninterested, he tossed it away.


“Roman, what went wrong? How did the business get out of hand?” asked Niko.

“I started out well, but later I became spendthrift. One thing led to another, and soon I was ruined. You will help me won’t you Niko?”


Niko sighed. As children, they always struck together and helped each other. Niko wasn’t going to refuse help to his cousin, although he was badly deceived by Roman.


He thought deeply for a few moments.


“We’ll need to get your cars fixed first. Know any good mechanics that will do a free job?” chucked Niko.

“Well, yes,” replied Roman, there was this guy who use to work for me. Lets just call him Blue. He left a few months ago to move onto bigger things. He runs a chopshop south of the Alonquin Bridge. Here’s the address.”

Roman handed Niko a visiting card.

“He probably won’t be willing to fix our cabs for free, but I’m sure you’ll be able to coax him. Tell him I sent you.”


Niko nodded and stepped out onto the street.

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Chapter 3 : Benjamin Martin Wallace III


After struggling again with the lock, Niko stepped into one of the busted cabs and attempted to whir the engine to life.


He turned the key in the ignition.




He tried again.




"f*ck it!" cursed Niko, "I'll just walk."



user posted image


Niko stepped out of the cab and walked down the street to a nearby subway station. After walking down a small flight of stairs, he made his way into a small, underground subway tunnel, where several groups of people were waiting for their train.


"Hey mister," mumbled a wrinkled bum sitting down against a crumbled pillar, "can you spare some change?"


Niko ignored him and walked over to the main waiting area. He knew Roman lived in a poor part of town, but the reality of it was just saddening. Although life back home in Europe wasn't much better, America was a place of opportunity. It seemed to welcome outsiders, but actually deceived them into a world of poverty.


The tunnel quickly began to echo as a nearing subway train rumbled down the tracks. It came to a quick stop and Niko entered, along with several other people. As the train quickly began to build speed again, Niko pulled out the piece of paper he had been given and studied the address, realizing that he didn't exactly know how to get there.


He grabbed his cell phone from his jacket pocket and switched to the GPS system, watching a small arrow gliding across a map of several streets and intersections. He scrolled ahead of the arrow to see a section of the city labeled "Algonquin" and traced its way down to an area south of the Algonquin Bridge, near the docks and shipping yard, where Niko had first arrived. He quickly came to the conclusion that the next subway station would take him only two blocks from his destination, and he could walk from there.


Niko concealed his phone and waited within the crowd of people, packed in the train like a can of sardines. The fancy satellite phone had been given to him as a gift before he left for America, and he quickly learned all of its full capabilities and features.


When the train finally came to a stop and the doors opened, Niko exited into a station which was much nicer than the one in Broker, where Roman lived. He walked up the stairs, made his way down the street, and scanned across the intersection at the area below the bridge.



user posted image


In the distance were the docks, and on the right side stood a row of run-down buildings. He crossed the street and, when noticing that one of them looked to be a small warehouse, quickly walked over to it.


"This must be the place," Niko thought.


He breathed in slowly and stepped inside.


The stench of oil and grease hit him immediately, he even put his hand to his face to cover most of the smell.

"Is anybody in?" asked Niko, his voice echoing around the large space,

"Who is it?" questioned a voice,

"I'm Niko. Roman sent me."

"Roman? Oh yeah, him,"

The man walked out from behind a car, and introduced himself.

"Hi, my names Blue"

Blue outstretched his hand.

Niko shook his hand.

"I'm wondering if you can help me and Roman out,"


"Well, we just need you to fix up our cars and stuff like that,"

"Well there I can help you,"

"Good because the business really needs to get back on it's feet."

"How much are you willing to pay me?" asked Blue,

"How much are you getting paid here?" questioned Niko,

"About $50 to $75 a day, depending on the amount of jobs we do,"

"Come with me back to Roman's place and we'll talk it out with him,"

"Okay," said Blue "Why don't I drive?"

"Yeah sure," said Niko thankful that he wouldn't have to use the public transport again. Niko followed Blue to a black van.


Blue sped out of the parking area and onto the street.


"So," Blue hesitated, "where does Roman live again?"

"Hopper Street," replied Niko, "in Broker."

"Right, I knew it was going to be in some sh*thole."


Niko thought for a moment before questioning, "what's that supposed to mean?"


Blue clicked his tongue and sighed as a disappointed grin spread across his sweaty face.


"Roman's the brokest motherf*cker I know. The poor guy just doesn't have any luck when it comes to financial things. Come to think of it, he doesn't have any luck at all."


"He mentioned to me you used to work for him..."


"sh*t," Blue sighed again, "that business is going nowhere. Ya see, I used to maintain the taxis whenever they gave em' trouble. And that happened alot. Anyways, I guess you could say me and him used to be pretty tight, but when he ended up not being able to pay me for anything, I told him I was done. So I closed my shop in Broker and moved to Algonquin. By the way, how do you know Roman?"


"We're cousins," Niko replied, "we go way back."


"Ahh I see, family, huh? So what's this all about anyways, explain to me what I gave my lunch break up for."


"We're putting the Bellic Taxi Company back in business. We figured we'd start with fixing up the taxis. That's where you come in."


Blue chuckled as he turned onto an adjacent street. Niko could tell by the poor quality of the area that they were close to Roman's place.




"Benjamin Martin Wallace the third!" Roman jokingly exclaimed when Blue stepped into the apartment behind Niko.


"Hey, hey, hey," Blue stopped him, "Do you really gotta tell everyone my name? I told you, just Blue."


"Glad you could come," Roman said as he shook Blue's hand, "and I see you met Nikolai here."


Niko nodded, "we were just talking about the business."


"So, what do ya think?" Roman questioned as he stared up at Blue, who looked nearly twice his size.


Niko stepped over to the mini-fridge and grabbed three unopened cans of beer. He tossed one to Blue and one to Roman, while popping open the third one for himself as he took a seat in the "living area" with the other two.


"I think..." Blue began, "I think you owe me a sh*tload of money, and if I don't get it back I can't help you at all."


"That's why we're asking you for this," Roman sighed, "when we get the business back on its feet, I'll pay you back everything I owe."


Blue laughed. "Yeah, that's what you said last time, and the time before that. I'm generous to even let you have a tab, Roman. I need my money."


"And I'll get it to you," Roman assured him. He looked over at Niko and corrected himself, "we'll get it to you, I promise."


Niko stood to his feet to catch their attention. "Alright look, I'm sure there's a reasonable way to settle this. Blue, you need money, and we need business. In the meantime, Roman here will work for you, fixing up cars in your garage. He'll work there until his debt is paid, and when that's settled you can fix up the taxis for us."


Blue laughed as he stared at Roman, "we've tried that. Problem is, your boy Roman doesn't know sh*t about cars." He took a gulp from his beer. "But," Blue continued, "I do have another idea. I run this really secretive business ya see, a chopshop if you will."


Niko listened closer. "As in, stealing cars and selling parts?"


"You could say that. But I've been attracting some higher class customers lately, meaning a higher demand for cars in the nicer parts of town. Most of them are pretty rare."


Roman and Niko both seemed interested.


"Anyways, I could always use more cars to chop up. If you boys are willing, I have a list of the specific cars I need."


Blue reached into his jacket and threw down onto the table a list of four different cars.


Niko's eyes slowly moved down the list, "Comet, Bullet, Infernus, Turismo."


"The Comet should be easy, it's an older model but it's way more common on the streets than the other three. As for the Bullet and Infernus, you're likely to find some rich snobs in Alderny or Algonquin who'll own 'em. Finally, the Turismo. Good luck finding that one. I would suggest looking at car shows and other events to find it. You do know how to hotwire, right?"


"Of course," replied Niko. "it's an art."


"Right. When you find a car, bring it back to my garage. Once all the cars are brought back, we'll consider the debt paid, including the fees for fixing up your taxis."


"Speaking of that," Roman interrupted, "when will you be able to work on them?"


"I can have my tow truck driver come pick them up later today, and I'll start working on them in the morning. Should take about a week to get both taxis in good condition."


"Sounds like a plan," Roman smiled as he shook Blue's hand.


The satisfied trio all finished what was left of their beverages and stood up as they walked Blue to the door.


"By the way," Niko added as Blue began to walk out the door, "When's the latest you need these cars on the list?"


"Whenever. But the way I see it, the sooner I get 'em, the sooner you get this 'business' of yours going."


Blue laughed as he entered his van and drove off down the street and into the horizon.


"Well," Roman sighed, "it looks like with both taxis in the shop, we're going to have to rely on public transit for awhile. No worries, there's plenty of ways to get around town: cabs, the subway, buses, the L-train. In the meantime, let's focus on getting these cars back to Blue, one by one."

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Can't let you advertise this in this way. If you want to post it here, then that's fine, but I'm not allowing you to advertise your private forum in such a direct manner. smile.gif

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Vive La France
Can't let you advertise this in this way. If you want to post it here, then that's fine, but I'm not allowing you to advertise your private forum in such a direct manner. smile.gif

Sorry blush.gif

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  • 3 weeks later...

Chapter 4 : Grand Theft Auto


Niko walked back into Roman's place to prepare for some car jacking.


He put on some leather gloves to stop fingerprints being left behind, and made sure he changed into a thick jacket just in case he needed to smash a window.


"Where are you going?" asked Roman,

"Where do you think?" said Niko, "I'm going to go and steal some cars,"

"Oh yeah, good luck," replied Roman,

"Didn't you say we to Blue?"

"Yeah, but, your better at it than me,"


Niko knew Roman was right, he had always been better than him at stealing cars, as he said to Blue, it's an art, some people are good at it, some people aren't.


"Whats the first car on that list?" asked Niko,

"A ..." Roman was struggling to find the scrap of paper in all the dirt that was around, "Comet,"

"Good, I'll try to find one of those then,"


Niko was just to walk out the door when he realised,


"What does a Comet look like?"asked Niko,

"Erm ... I can't describe it, you could go on the internet to find out?"

"Okay," said Niko "Where's your computer?"

"Do you think I have a computer?"

"Your right, where's the nearest internet cafe?"

"There's the Tw@t Cafe up on Safter St,"

"Good. Where's Safter St?"

"Just go on the bus and ask for Safter St."

"Okay, see you in a bit."


Niko left through the front door and crossed the road to the bus stop, and waited.


It wasn't long before bus 419 arrived at the stop and the doors were thrust open. Niko entered and took a seat towards the back.


As the bus began to move throughout the streets, Niko watched the outside life. It was around 2 PM on his first day in Liberty City, and he had already accomplished so much. Maybe things would be good. Maybe they would get better.


Niko's eyes subconsciously spotted the words "Tw@T Internet and Gaming Cafe" on a sign above a relatively small building. He called the bus to a halt, and walked across the street towards the front doors. Looking around, he saw that he was again in a bit nicer part of town than Roman's neighborhood. He wasn't sure what borough he was in, but he assumed it was just a nicer part of Broker.


"Welcome to the Tw@T," a nerdy man said at the front counter, "Games are five dollars to play, and one dollar for every hour after that. We also charge a two dollar fee for internet use and 10 cents a minute after that. Just take a seat anywhere!"


Niko ignored the man and walked over to one of the front computers. Although he didn't use computers too often, he wasn't the least bit computer illiterate.


Niko clicked on the internet icon, and typed in the word "Comet" at the home page search engine. He waited a moment, and randomly clicked on the third link available, titled, "1989 Comet for sale", which took him to a sales site.


He read the top logo: "Gregslist.com", and the sub-line: "Your trash is someone else's treasures!"


"This site could be a useful place for making some income," Niko thought.


He scrolled down and scanned over the "Seller's Comments", to a picture of a Comet at the bottom of the page. It looked to be a fairly sporty car, but it was old and beaten. Niko took a mental picture of the car and, just before signing off, read, "Car located in Liberty City. Call me at 555-0134 if you are interested."


"What were the chances that this particular car would be in Liberty City?" Niko shrugged.


He paid his tab of $2.40 and exited the cafe, where he pulled out his cell phone and quickly dialed the number he had just read.


"Yeah?" a southern voice snarled on the other end of the phone.

"I'm interested in buying the Comet," Niko answered, "is it still for sale?"

"Yeah. You wanna come by and see it?"

"Where are you?"

"387 Flint Street, in Dukes. You know how to get here?"

"I'll find the place. I'll be by there tomorrow morning," Niko lied.

"Okay," the voice sighed, before rudely hanging up the phone without saying goodbye.


Niko hailed a cab and told the driver his destination.




When the cab neared the address, Niko spotted the Comet, parked outside and across the street.


"Stop here," Niko commanded. When he paid the cab fee, Niko analyzed the amount of cash in left in his wallet, noting that he was quickly running low. He exited the car and walked down the sidewalk.


As he approached the Comet, Niko glanced around to see if anybody was watching him. The street was relatively clear, as he was in a residential area and it was a quiet time of day.


Without hesitating, he forcefully thrust his elbow into the driver's window, smashing it into several fragments. Niko reached in, unlocked the door, and stepped inside.


At first, he inspected the interior of the car for a hidden key: under the sun visor, in the glove box, beneath the floor mat. No luck.


As Niko bent down to meet the complicated wires under the steering wheel, his eyes caught sight of a patrolling police car as it slowly passed the Comet. "sh*t," Niko cursed under his breath, while all the while staying low and hidden from the cop's view.


Niko waited a moment for the cop to pass, and gave it a few extra seconds before he began hot wiring the car. Switching the wires around, this and that, it was all natural to Niko. Although he didn't know it, he was born to be a criminal. It was in his blood.




The car quickly awoke. Satisfied, Niko put the car into gear and pulled out of the parking lot, complimenting himself on his success. At one last glance before turning on the next street, Niko saw once again no witnesses, and no evidence left behind. With a job well done, he headed to Blue's garage.


“1989 Comet.” Said Blue, mesmerized, as he stoked the car’s hood.

“Anyone’s willing to pay a good amount of cash for that 80’s nostalgia.”


Blue tried staring the car.




“Purrs like a kitten. Perfect condition, good job.”


“Yeah, well, will you work on the taxi’s now?” asked an impatient Niko.

“Sure, you’ve got my word. Just make sure that you keep the cars coming in.”


There was a minute of silence.


Niko was about to leave Blue’s chopshop when Blue spoke again.

“Wait Niko, you’re a natural at this kind of work. I’ve got a little problem and I reckon you’ll fix it for me.”

“What do you want?” asked Niko.

“There’s this guy down the block who has been wrecking my cars. Reckons he can make me wind up the business like that. His petty little car smuggling racket is competing with my setup. Finish him.”

“I’ll just strangle him, I don’t have any firepower.”

“No, make it look like an accident. He usually visits a burger joint near his place, about five in the evening. Get there, and screw up his food. Make sure that he has his last meal today.”

“Alright, I’ll get it it. But how do I find him?”

"Can't miss him in his Utility Van. Wait outside his house for a few minutes before five and he's bound to turn up."

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Vive La France

Chapter 5 : Murder One


Niko said bye to Blue and walked out.


He checked his phone for the time.

04:27 PM

"I've still got about 30 minutes to go till I need to get to the fast food place." thought Niko,

"I might aswell try to find his place before hand."


Niko made his way to the nearest block.



user posted image


"Now to try and find his van" thought Niko,




"That must be it," thought Niko, "It's the only utility van i've seen since i've been here, and it doesn't look like there's any more around here so it must be it.


The van was parked outside 159, Yaper Lane.


Niko took out his mobile phone and found the map function, he searched for the address and it came up, he could also see the Burger Shot Blue had been talking about before, he placed a marker on that aswell, he used the map function to find out how long it would take to walk there,


Approx. 11 minutes


"Thats not that long, still be quicker driving though." thought Niko.


Just before he put the phone away, he checked the time again,


04:43 PM


Niko realized that was very little time left. He had to act fast; there could be no mistake.

He looked around and to his dismay found no vehicles that he could jack.

An idea then struck him. It was a dangerous thing to do, but Niko reassured himself that he had pulled more risky stunts before.


“Fat-S” Tom Slicker opened his front door and stepped outside. It was his snack time and he was very hungry. He always liked Burger Shot and today he would go there again to grab a bite. Lack of a healthy diet made him fat, but he didn’t care. He would do anything for good food.


As he opened the door of his van, he heard a sound.




What was that? he thought.


It seemed to be coming from somewhere near him, but he looked around and saw no one. After a few seconds, he blamed his imagination and drove to Burger Shot.


Slicker pulled over at the curb, locked his van, after he had walked swiftly into Burger Shot, a head emerged from under the van. After ensuring that no-one saw him, Niko quickly came out and got on his feet. He had been hanging on to the drive train. Luckily, the ride wasn’t too bumpy. Without wasting any time, he rushed into the eatery.


Niko spotted Slicker sitting at a table for two, alone.

Perfect, he thought.

But how was he going to kill him without leaving any evidence?


Just then, a waiter walked to Slicker’s table to take his order.

“I’ll have an extra large hamburger, Thank you.”

The waiter nodded. Before leaving, he handed over a small package to Slicker.

“A small snack to keep your stomach busy until your burger is served,” said the smiling waiter.

Slicker opened he package and was about to take a bite of the sandwich, when the waiter spoke again.

“Enjoy your peanut butter sandwich.”

Slicker turned grave and dropped the sandwich. He spat out a few times, although he had not eaten even a crumb of it.

“Sorry, its just that I don’t like peanut butter,” said slicker, shivering.


Niko understood what had happened. He had come to know of Slicker’s weakness.


Niko waited until the waiter came back with a large burger for Slicker. Grabbing a mustard dispenser, he slowly made his way to Slicker. He tripped himself and squirted mustard on Slicker’s shirt.

Slicker was enraged. He was about to enjoy his hamburger when some idiot squirted mustard on him.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see where I was going and fell.” said Niko in a repentant tone.


Slicker was hungry; he did not want an argument. So he abandoned his burger for the moment and headed to the bathroom to remove the mustard.


Now was Niko’s chance. He picked up the sandwich that Slicker had dropped, and transferred the peanut butter onto the sandwich. He covered it up with mustard and ketchup.


Slicker returned, to find the man gone. He didn’t care; all he wanted now was his evening snack. He took one bite of the burger and tasted the substance he dreaded. But it was too late now. His body hated peanut butter and even a small quantity was enough to trigger the allergic reaction. Slicker started to quiver, his breathing was obstructed, his abdomen burning. Soon he was dead on the floor with pain on his face.


Niko chuckled. A job well done.


Niko called Blue on his cell phone.

“Niko is that you?” asked Blue.

“I called to let you know that your rival just had his last meal.” Replied Niko.

“Excellent, I knew I could count on you. I don’t have anymore things that need to be fixed, but you could always bring me those cars I asked for. I’ll see you later.”


Niko tossed the two slices of bread from the sandwich into a dumpster.

That’s the last piece if evidence gone, he thought.


The job was done because Niko came to know of Slicker’s deadly peanut-butter allergy. He had seen such simple, yet effective methods used by his former comrades back at home; he had seen a lot of murder. But what he wasn’t so lucky in the future? Niko decided to get some firepower. He remembered the poster at the store and wondered if he would find something there.

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Chapter 6 : Armed


Niko arrived at the gun shop several minutes later. He saw the display, which was filled with pictures of muscular men on steroids holding the certain guns advertised and shooting. Niko entered the shop. Heavy metal music was playing in the background, with a singer screaming obscenities. Behind the counter was a man wearing a muscle shirt and had a free growing beard, and about 3 feet of hair. He had a badge on his shirt that read "Randy". Niko walked over to Randy and looked him in the eyes.

"I need weapon," he said in his thick accent.

"Whatcha lookin for? Need a machine gun, bazooka, or *BURP*" the man belched and Niko stepped back. "Whoa, X'cuse me. So, whatcha want?"

"Do you have American Smith and Wesson?" Niko asked.

"Yep, yep," said Randy and pulled a gun from the drawer. "Yeh buy this one and a pack of ammo, you get an extra two packs free," Randy said. He belched again and took a gulp from his Whiskey. Niko picked up the gun. It handled nicely. Niko liked it.

"How much?" he asked.

"125 dollars for the gun, 25 for the pack of ammo, and two for free," said Randy. Niko thought. He had precisely 200 dollars, and if he bought this, he would have fifty left. Maybe he could apply for a job at the Cluckin Bell next door. "I take weapon," said Niko.

Randy smiled, or it seemed he smiled as his face was covered in mounds of hair. Niko put down a 100 dollar bill on the table and then two twenties and two fives. Randy smiled.

"I don't need no ID, you look like I can trust yeh," he said and passed the gun over to Niko. "Don't tell anyone... shhhhh!" he said and fell on the table. He was asleep. Niko took the gun, looked around, and then looked at the donation jar. He took a five from it and left the store. He looked around and saw a squad car. An empty squad car. Niko looked around, and heard yells from an alley behind the gun shop. Niko pulled out the new gun, removed the price tag and safety, loaded it, and peeked around the corner.



user posted image


There was a young cop tasering a man on the ground. The guy was down on the ground, yelping. The cop had an evil smile on his face. Niko shouted "STOP!" and pointed the gun at the cop. The cop dropped the taser and had a look of fear on his face. The man behind him was free and started screaming. The wounds began to show. Then Niko heard a noise. Randy busted out of the door with a shotgun and shot the cop.

"Whatcha call me?" he said. Niko stared at Randy as he looked at the dead cop, behind him was the screaming man. The man looked like a younger version of Randy. Randy looked at the man on the ground. He then looked at Niko. "That's mah bro, Jerry. Cop had a grudge against him. ASSHOLE!" He then took another shot at the cop. Niko began walking away, but then Randy said "What's your name, stranger?"

"Niko," Niko said. He had the hand on the gun in his pocket. He turned around. Randy was pulling his brother into the building. Niko walked slowly after Randy. Randy put Jerry on a table. Niko walked inside, and saw Jerry groaning. "f*cker," he said. Randy looked at Niko.

"Cops are after Jerry cause he jacked a squad car a couple of days ago. He dumped it in Bohan and let the Flying G's street gang take the thing. He got 10 G's for the thing. We put it into the bank for savings. The cop who had that car was after us ever since. He caught Jerry today, and if you didn't warn me about him, Jerry would be dead by now. Cops have none of that proof to show that mah bro stole that car, but that cop wants revenge," explained Randy. Niko nodded, and wondered why he even interfered with the incident behind the gun shop. "Oh sh*t, Niko, I need help. We need help. Help me get rid of the body behind. If he goes missing, they'll think it was us. I could get life in jail, for gods sake! Niko, please, you gotta help me here!"


It took a while, but at last Randy convinced Niko. He said he would give Niko free firepower if he did this, so Niko agreed. He also told Niko he would introduce him to a friend of his, called Jacob. Randy said Jacob would also help Niko. The only catch was that Randy wanted free rides in Romans taxi company. Niko said it would be no problem, and head out. Niko put the body in the squad car, and drove off. He was going to take it to the river and dump it, with the sirens on to attract attention and make sure someone saw the car drive into the river. The LCPD was underfunded anyway, Randy explained, so they wouldn't hire a diving team. They would assume that the cop had an accident and would leave it as that. Niko drove to the edge of the peir, and looked around. There were security cameras. sh*t. That would mean they would have seen him if he exited the car. Then Niko had an idea. He looked at the officer's name badge: Walter B. Stephens. He picked up the radio. When Niko was part of the Balkan Peace Force, he used a similar model. He tried his best to disguise his accent. "Officer Stephens here," said Niko. "I found a drunk at the peir. Taking him back," he said.

"10-4, Stephens," said the voice. Then Niko opened the window of the car, put it into neutral, and watched the magic happen. The car fell into the water, and Niko took a deep breath. He felt the water hit his face as he sat in the car, and turned, unbuckled the cop from the passenger seat and buckled him in the main seat. Niko then opened the passenger door underwater, and swam up. His face came in contact with the smelly air, but it tasted good. Niko looked around, and was pleased to see no cameras saw him. He smiled, and began swimming towards the ladder that was out of view of the cameras. He climbed up slowly, and hid behind a tool shed. He continued down until he exited the peir, and was on a street. Mission accomplished.


About an hour later, Niko sat at Roman's, drinking some coffee and telling him about the adventure Randy put him through. He told him about the free weapons, which made Roman very happy. Now he could equip his whole staff of Taxi Drivers with guns for protection. He already lost two cabs due to carjacking. Now, it wouldn't happen again. Roman told Niko about his day. He got some new guy's working for the Taxi company. They now had 20 drivers total.

"Good, good," said Niko. "I'm glad that we might actually make some money with this business."

"Yeah," Roman agreed. "But we now have only 20 cabs. How can we get more?" asked Roman. Niko frowned.

"We could go check out some of the Liberty City Taxi Company's cabs. I mean, they have thousands and they keep them in unsecured storage places everywhere. We could take a visit there, and take one, respray it and it would be ours,"

"Plus I have a friend who makes license plates. He could make some for us," said Roman. "It's illegal, but who would notice? Cops almost never go here, and they never check license plates unless we get pulled over, which has never happened."

"Good. I think we have a plan for what to do tonight, eh?" said Niko.

"Yeah. I have two balaclavas and some dark clothes. I could give you a pair, and we'd go in." Niko was surprised that Roman was actually offering his help on a dangerous mission. It was then when he saw that Roman was twiddling his thumbs, which was a habit he had since he was a child. It meant he was lying.

"Look, Roman, spare me the lies. I'll do it myself. I know you'll just run away last second. I'll do it. Don't worry about a thing." Roman looked embarrassed. Then again, he was glad Niko didn't scream at him. Niko walked off.


Ten minutes later, Niko was sitting in Roman's garage. He was watching people work on the taxis. Blue walked over, and put his hand on Niko's shoulder.

"I don't trust the new guys," he said, pointing over at two men working at a taxi. One was Chinese, and the other one looked like he was a hobo. The one who looked like a hobo was wearing camo pants, jacket, and beret. He had a beard like Randy's, but had hair like some old country music singer. "He's living in one of the taxis," said Blue, pointing over to a taxi without wheels. Next to it was a guitar case. "He does play guitar nicely, though," said Blue. Niko looked at the other one. He was short, and had a black T-Shirt and jeans. It was freezing and the guy was wearing a T-Shirt. What was wrong with these people?

"I gotta go do something tonight," said Niko. "I need you here at around 2 AM, ready with all equipment to respray a car, OK?"

"Sure, no problem,"

"Great, I'll see you then." Said Niko, and began walking away.

"Niko?" said Blue. He turned around. "What about that list? We need those cars, Niko," said Blue. Niko walked over and saw Blue holding the list. He saw at the very top next to the Comet was the SUV Taxicab. He pointed to it. "That one is no problem. In fact, that's why I asked you to be here at 2. I'll be bringing around a taxicab or two, which we'll respray and use at the company," Niko said. Blue nodded. Niko smiled, and looked further down the list. Nothing there that he could do now.

"I'm glad I got that comet," said Blue.

"No problem," Niko exchanged, and walked off. Niko headed back to Roman and asked for the clothes. Roman obliged, and Niko was dressed as a bandit in minutes. Niko had his gun loaded, and felt he was ready to kick some ass. But he would have to wait until it was midnight- and then the auto theft would begin. All of a sudden, Niko got a call from an unknown number.


"Is this Niko?" said a Jamaican voice.


"This is Jacob. Randy told me to call you,"


"Anyway, I give out the big illegal stuff. Randy can't sell it because he's being investigated by the cops all the time. He just has the basic pistols and hunting rifles. But I have Uzis, Bazookas, AK-47s, even flamethrowers. I have a flat not so far from the Taxi Depot place. That's where you live, right mon?"

"Uh-huh," Niko grunted.

"OK. Mind if I drop by in a few minutes?"

"Sure, why not?"

"See you then mon,"

"Bye," said Niko. He closed his phone and could tell that he was beginning to have a lot of friends.


Within a few minutes, the doorbell rang. Niko opened the door and saw a short, dark skinned Jamaican man with a cigarette in his mouth.

"Jacob here, mon." said Jacob.

"Glad to meet you, Jacob," said Niko.

"Who is it?" said the voice of Roman from upstairs. Roman came down the stairs.

"It's that friend of Randy's I told you about," said Niko.

"Glad to meet you, Jerkov, right?" Roman said. Jacob's eyes bulged out.

"What did you say, mon?" he said threateningly. Niko tried to silence Roman, but Roman continued.

"You are a Jerkov, yeah? I know a couple of Jerkovs." Roman began, but Niko pushed him against the wall.

"Sorry, Jacob. Jerkov is a very common name where we come from," said Niko.

"I'm no Jerkov, mon!" Jacob said.

"Sorry, Jacob. It's a very common name back home," said Roman, who was released from Niko's wrist lock.

"Don't let it happen again," said Jacob. Niko frowned at Roman, and whispered "I see you know how to make a first impression."

"Sorry," said Roman. He turned to Jacob. "Want the grand tour?"

"Grand tour?" said Jacob, confused.

"Roman has absolutely no idea who he is today," said Niko, defending Roman. Roman turned around, and decided to go check on the Taxis.


An hour later, Niko, Jacob, and Roman sat at a coffee table drinking coffee. Roman was afraid to talk.

"Jacob, how long have you known Randy?" asked Niko.

"10 years. I remember him from the time when he shaved and had a clean criminal record. And his brother was in high school."

"He seemed like a slob to me," Niko observed.

"Well, now he's drunk all the time and keeps calling some random number on the phone and asking for Ben Franklin," said Jacob. "I really don't trust him that much. I was once depending on him, a group of Flying G's was after us in Bohan. That stupid mon was under a bridge which I was hanging off of. The G's were coming closer. He missed, and shot me. I fell all the way down and broke both of my legs. He hauled me to a hospital and went home, but I still remember that day. It was 2 years ago, when he was on antidepressants,"

"That reminds me," Niko interrupted. "Who are these Flying G's?"

"They're a street gang up in Bohan. They own Bohan. Cops are scared to even set foot there cause a G'll walk up and kick their ass. Anything else, mon?" Jacob asked.

"Yeah, one more question. Would you consider doing something with me later this evening. I need some help, and Roman is a coward. It'll be quick, and all I need to get is a few cars,"

"Sure mon," said Jacob. "What cars?"

"Taxicabs." Niko replied.

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Chapter 7 : Taxicabs


Niko looked at his mobile for the time, it was 5 P.M.


"You ready yet?" asked Niko from the front door of Jacob's place,

"Calm down mon, I'll be right out," shouted Jacob,


Niko had been getting ready at his place for the past 20 minutes, and had drove down to Jacob's in the past couple of minutes. He had got on his usual car stealing gear, the leather jacket and gloves. These - and his knowledge - were all he needed.

Jacob came down the stairs,

"I'm ready, lets go," said Jacob,

"Okay," replied Niko.

They walked out of his place and made their way towards Liberty City Taxi cabs night-time garage. When they got there they found the place locked up and a sole security guard on watch.


"No big surprise." thought Niko,


"I'll go up and talk to him, you try and find a way in." whispered Niko,

"Okay mon, be careful,"


Niko walked towards the security guard and Jacob made his way round the back. Niko slipped past and run inside the depot. Niko hoped Jacob was doing what they planned- spraying the cameras. Niko bolted to the nearest Taxi, the SUV, and opened the door. He hotwired the cab, and on his radio called Jacob.

"Jacob, get another one and hotwire it. We're on the go."

"OK, mon," said Jacob, and then Niko turned around and saw a cab drive past him. It was Jacob. Niko smiled, and pushed the pedal. Jacob crashed through the security gate and Niko was behind. That probably woke the security guard, who was probably on the phone calling the police.


"Yeah, mon?"

"We need to split up. How's the gas on yours?"

"Doin halfway,"

"Mine's full. OK. Drive around and then we'll meet at Romans at 2 AM, OK? We gotta loose the cops!"

"Sounds fine, mon."

"Great," Niko said, and slowed down the pedal, and turned on the for hire sign. He decided to make some money. He drove around, slowly, until he reached a customer. The man was a tall, handsome man in an expensive suit.

"Take me to a place called Baloneys, it's a butcher shop at the other end of Broker." The man then pulled out the Liberty Tree and started reading. Niko turned on the radio, and drove on.


Ten fares and 147 dollars later, Niko met Jacob and Blue at the garage.

"OK, let's do this thing. You want the cab resprayed, and a special Liberty City license plate, and the Taxi sticker, right?"

"Yeah," said Roman. "The Liberty Tree website already has a APB on those cabs, so make it look like they just vanished,"

"Right." Said Blue. He got his team on it, and they began spraying. Jacob watched as the SUV was being transformed, and waited for the cab he brought to be transformed as well. Niko walked over to Roman, and asked to talk to him privately. They entered the empty lounge.

"Roman, listen. I've had enough. We need to make this place better. I bet that if we could raise the money, we could renovate this place and make it Bellic Taxi Company headquarters. We could be making the big bucks. I could say befriend an electronics expert and our Taxi's wouldn't look like they came out of the last century. This is America, and by god, we are going to live the American Dream, eh?"

"Yeah," Roman said. "We need to get some money first. You could do some taxiing once in a while, and if we really work hard, we could do this."

"Good," said Niko. "Roman, I hope you really mean it. If this is another bullsh*t commitment, then..."

"Niko, I understand."

"Good," Niko finished, and they entered the garage again. Blue was done with the SUV, and waiting for it to dry. Jacob's catch was next. Blue's team jumped on it, and it looked brand new within a few minutes.





Niko answered his phone, and heard it was some strange voice. It sounded like a computer.

"Meet me at the docks at seven o'clock in the morning tomorrow. Bring no one, and come armed. I will be at the southern area of the ferry terminal. I know who you are and where you live, and if this does not happen, something else might happen to you. Comprendre?" and then it hung up. Niko looked at Roman, who shrugged and asked "What?"

"Nothing," said Niko. "I'm tired. I'll be going to bed now," he said, and went off to sleep.

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Chapter 8 : A new start?


Niko woke to the sound of car horns. He was beginning to like this place,

"It's got a strange feeling to it" Niko thought,

"Ah well, got to go and meet that .. guy ... at the docks" Niko looked at the clock, it was 6:30. He got up out of bed and made some coffee,

I don't have to be there till 7, thought Niko. He left the house after drinking the coffee and made his way to one of the new taxis. He got in and started the engine.




That's the first time one of the bellic cabs had done that, he thought. He made his way out of the garage and onto the busy liberty city roads.


It was twenty minutes later when Niko parked the cab at the dock. He had the hand on the gun that he was told to bring. It was then when he saw a man looking over into the sea and the ships. It was an admirable view, showing the Statue of Happiness.

"It is only when one knows that another has seen him sin that he becomes worried," said the man. Niko stood silently.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Who? Why don't you try to guess?"

"Why should I care?" asked Niko.

"Because I saw you steal the Taxicabs last night. I know who you are. I ran a background check on you, and you have a quite colorful history. I see you were a member of the Balkan Peace Force. You came here illegally, by boat as security camera footage at the docks show. I watched your life story, Nikolai. All last night. You know, the government has a big, big bio about you,"

"Look, whoever you are..." Niko said, and the man turned around. He was cleanly shaven, and good looking.

"My name is Francis McReary. I have a job for you," Niko looked at the man. He seemed trustworthy.

"What do you need?" he asked.

"I am having a little dispute in this one bar," said McReary.


"The barman has some dirt on me. And I'll be watching you. Don't screw this up." McReary continued. "OK, listen. The bar is in the dirtiest part of town. It's called Colberton. It's where that massacre in the bank happened last year that the Russian mafia was responsible for. Across the street is this bar called Tony's Tavern. The bartender, Tony, is a lovable old guy. At least, that's the first appearance he gives. He really is a man who is horrible. He knows one thing that I did a long time ago that could throw me behind bars for quite a while. You gotta get to know him. When the bar closes and his customers all leave, kill him in anyway that'll look like an accident. I think drinking a bit too much would be fine. But you choose. I'll call you tomorrow, and if you're successful, we'll arrange a meeting place. I will pay you 5000 for the hit. It's worth that much for me. Get to work!"


Niko's cab stopped outside the bar. He exited the cab and entered the bar. It had an eerie atmosphere, like some sort of fight club.



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