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I have a question:Where are cut-scenes from GTA:SA?I think they are in cutscene.img.But when i export a ifp file from there,and try to open it in 3ds max on "player.dff" its says that its a file for GTA3/VC.What can i do?


How can i change the place where cut-scene is played?I think its in main.scm.I need help very much.


PS.I'm great at animations.


(Question by MatiSk8)

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The cutscenes are all stored in cuts.img - each cutscene consists of 3 files, IFP (the anim), DAT (camera offsets and movements) and CUT (general cutscene info). If all you want to do is change where a cutscene is positioned, open the relevant CUT file in Wordpad and edit the 'offset' line at the top of the file.


Be warned - only cutscene filenames already in the game will get any audio mapped to them in accordance with an internal table, new ones will be silent or may even cause a crash.

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