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OG Loc Mission -Need help!


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Im stuck on the OG Loc mission- I cant go fast enough to stay right behind him or take corners fast enough. Can anyone help me? colgate.gif

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You don't have to be too close to him. Just follow him keeping sight of him. I don't allow LOC to shoot coz he stands up disturbing the handling of the bike. Don't try to turn at high speeds. go slow. He'll be waiting if you fall behind but don't be too behind. Eventually, he'll stop near a few Vagos and you can drop them all.


If you still don't get it and if you are on PC, you can post a SnP.

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Jasper Petrol

I think you can leave OG LOC behind (after falling off the bike) and complete the mission without him. He reappears at the end like magic! sneaky2.gif


I would have to replay the mission to check this, but I don't think I have a backup file that early in the game. Try leaving him behind. After a few attempts to learn the route it should be much easier icon14.gif



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... And if you missed which alleyway he drove into, look for the tire / skidmarks. Freddie leaves a long black trail behind wink.gif

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