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I'm not sure if this is a big deal or not. Sometimes, when I want to make a new topic, I usually search it to double-check. I search in a particular section, and usually, nothing shows up. Well, a few things do, but they're hardly related to the topics I want to start. And when nothing shows up, I create a topic. Then, it gets locked because apparently there's already an existing topic. So, is there something wrong with the forum search?


An example would be: I searched Mafia II in the gaming section of the Lounge and nothing appeared. Then, I started a topic and it was locked because there was an existing topic. I didn't know that, and it didn't even show up in the search! What's wrong?

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Did you change your options on the 'refine search' part, if not it was most likely you only searcheing posts and not topics or you were only searching topics from the past 30 days.


Thus not showing up on your search.

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