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More Things I notices


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Theres a place called "Touchy Tuesday"... sounds like the name of the strip club... n just thinking will this means days of the week


The police helcopter has a police in it... like past gtas police choppers have black ungraphic windows with people just talkin


When that fireman be runnin n theres another one n the back running.... there are different fireman with different outfits on.... one has a black n yellow stripe with no hat.... the other has on a yellow on yellow dark stripe with a hat on

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I think the poster in the strip club that says "Touch Tuesdays" on it is referring to Tuesday being the day in the club where touching is permitted. Har har. Touching.

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yeah a calender was confirmed in game informer so theres days of the week



I wonder if there's more people out near the clubs on Fri/Sat. tounge.gif

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