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Guys, I think i have just found Niko's nationality


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Okay, you guys may know this already, but i just found out now. He is:


RUSSIAN! How do i know? His accent, and:


I was watching the 3rd trailer on GTA 4.net, and under it it said "IGN, Q&A with Rockstar" So i clicked and read it. I took on all the answers, but down the bottom of the questions, it said this, and exactly this, though i highlight major parts in the answer:


IGN: You guys have gone with another obscure track for this trailer. Is there a reason for this? What is the song in the trailer?


Rockstar: The track is called King Ring by Serjoge. He's the most popular rap artist in Russia by far, and we chose it partly because we felt it captured the spirit of the game - Russian dance rap maybe epitomizes the melting pot mentality of Liberty City - but mostly because we felt the track gave the trailer a unique feeling and energy. The soundtrack (and the radio it is played on) has been expanded and developed for Grand Theft Auto's high-definition debut.


I know, they may have chosen that song in that particular country by coincidence, but i doubt it, i think rockstar chose that song due to the nationality of Niko and Roman. If i'm late at finding this, and all of you already know, then tell me, lol. Heres a link if you don't believe the Q&A:




Look right down the bottom, it has that question.

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