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Wireless Help.

Hell No..

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Ahh I dont know, my network has gone off. I dont know what ive done. I want to get it sorted by the time I go away on Tuesday as the PC downstairs is the main PC for the wireless and my PC in my room is linked to it. It does find the connection but only lasts around a minute or two and cuts off. I dont know how to keep it on....


Im going to hit the roof, I cant believe how stressful it is. cryani.gif

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Suction Testicle Man

I've had a few wireless problems myself recently. I'm guessing you mean the signal cuts out? Firstly, check to see if the signal is low when its connected - it probably is. If not, then it could be a hardware issue. Wireless is a very finicky system, and for me, someone simply walking by the computer and through its signal path will cut it off. Make sure you haven't got any large objects directly next to the router (make sure it's as out in the open as possible). If you've moved any furniture recently it could be interferring. Also check for anything recently moved near your computer or router that may be emitting a signal that could be interferring.


If all fails, you could try getting a Cantenna to plug into your router. Reportedly it significantly boosts signal enough to cover even a large house with thick walls. Just make sure you have security protection enabled should you have close by neighbours. wink.gif

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Haha cheers, but the thing is, its been fine for months, this isnt a first time install. The PC just doesnt find the connection...ive plugged in the modem to come on now, so had to move all PC to different room. angry.gif


Edit - Seems to be working...for now.

Edited by Hell No..
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