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I remember when R* announced the delay for GTAIV. Everyone was down and out. Many negative comments about rockstar and the delay. That mood carried on for quite awhile. Now that we're getting our fix again, it's like it never happened. We're all as happy as we were then. Just goes to show how hooked we all are on GTA. Rockstar knows all too well how to string us along.

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I've felt disconnected from everything lately... so... out of place and uninspired. It's like boredom... a lack of interest... even, God forbid, complacency... but not today...


Today I'm wide awake. Today I'm dead alert, and I know that today it will happen... has to happen... I can hear the need tugging at me again... calling my name in symphonic shrieks... It's nerve wracking, but at the same time, the suspense is right.


It's what I've needed... it's that moment that pulls everything together and makes it all worthwhile... it's all leading up to that moment when the video rolls and that beautiful icy chill runs down my spine... The moments before are the belt slipping over my arm, pulling tight... and in a few hours, the needle plunger will fall, and then...


Then I'll order a pizza, YUM!

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Looking forward to it, good luck to the mods on these forums for keeping the aftermath of posts under control smile.gif

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And while I'm here, I'll go ahead and make my prediction for the new trailer and the relevance of "move up, ladies."


Here's my two cents: Early in the game, when Niko and and Roman are still pretty low-level players, they are doing scut-work for some of the bigger players in the criminal underworld. One of these heavies in particular, perhaps seeing their potential to move into the big leagues gives them some advice, finishing his suggestion with, "...and that's how you move up, ladies". As in, "Look, you want to be makin' moves out here in the street, you need to build a reputation as some solid players. Stick to your word, and make that word count. That's how you move up, ladies."


And, yes, I know there was a topic for this, but it's pretty much dead and buried.


So, let the overdose begin!!

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*puts mouse on left wrist veins and clicks rapidily*



Ahhhh.....been to long. 4 more hours

*puts razor cellphone into wrist and cuts deep sad.gif

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2008 will be the greatest year for me.


1.I finally get to move into my Apartment (been saving)


2. Brock Lesnar makes his UFC debut


and finally



GTA IV!!!!!!


I actually have a GTA IV t-shirt and hat and Calender. Im a serious GTA IV crack head almost everyone that knows me knows that. I don't even play video games at all my 360 has been collecting dust just waiting for that GTA IV disc to be entered

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Snake Without a Tongue

I'm sneaking around the house, checking the forums, watching for the R* site to update. No one must know my dirty secret.



"...and that's how you move up, ladies"


That's a great prediction. Here's me clubbing you over the head and stealing it. But really, I bet you're right.

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So your 360 is a virgin? You truly are a pure junkie.

Well not exactly lol. The only game I actually do play is NBA 2K8 i just haven't seen any action games that really grabbed my attention. But yes I agree iam a PURE JUNKIE lol.

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