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Realistic Police Lights


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One way I was thinking is you know how when you turn your headlights and tail lights on the actual tail lights change color, they change to a light red as apose to when they are off as a dark red. Can you do the same thing with a lightbar on a police car. So when the sirens are activated the light bar actually changes to a brighter color

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I have a mod that makes the headlights flash with a keypress, is it possible to make a code that allows they headlights to keep flashing without you having to keep pressing the button.


even better something like if you press "k" for example they headlights will start flashing and press "k" again and they stop. that way it wouldnt jst be limited to police cars and if you have the cam hack thingy and using interior view the headlights dont always flash when you activate the siren.

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