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NIKO's running animation and camera-view


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Okay i downloaded the demo 'FIFA 08' on my friends X360 and right before i play a game, when it loads, you can play around in a field with a goalie in a 3rd person POV! the one thing that amazed me is when you hold RT (R2 in PS3) he sprints fast, the cameraview changes, and the camera shakes left to right!!!!!


it was so cool and would be so f*cking cool if its in IV, i have a 40" HDTV and the graphics of the buildings (in background) look GREAT 10/10. hopefully gta iv is like this, does anyone know what im talking about? if you have a video PLEASE post it up!


so do you think this 'feature' will be cool as well?

user posted image
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Same with Mass Effect, the running animations are awesome, and when you take out a gun it gets a bit lower down, and the camera moves to side to side as you run.


I sure do hope something like that is in IV. biggrin.gif




user posted image


mod it with Nitrous Oxide and chassis dyno.
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