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In-game Music


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I couldn't find a topic on this, but I'm sure its been discussed... but in case there's no active topic on this...


Does anyone know what kind of music there will be, as far as from what time-frame.. and I think it'd be an amazing feature to be able to put your own music into the game, maybe the game could read from a designated folder on your systems HDD producing it into a custom radio station/playlist within the game?

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in-game music/radio stations have been discussed before...


However... i would to use the HDD and my own music


(after i listen to WTTK all the way through a few times biggrin.gif )

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I was aiming more for a custom radio station type of discussion...

the type of music was just a side-thought.


So, has it even been speculated or hinted at... that we can add our own radio/custom playlist to the game? that'd be crazy.

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