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What Do YOU Do?


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Title says all. Fill this out:


Occupation: Army Commando

Weapons: Knife, Desert Eagle, M4.

Clothes: Black hi-tops, woodland camo trousers, white tank.

What I do: Go around San Andreas in a Rhino or a Hunter, blowing stuff up or doing Vigilante.

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Occupation: hitman

Weapons: Katana,Desert Eagle,M4,Shotgun,Flamethrower,Satchel Charges,sniper rifle

Clothes: Black Windbreaker, Aviators, Black Cap (back), black khakis, gray boots

What I do: break into the police impounds and kill all the cops and take a car break out, take it to the docks ditch the car, or I go around and snipe people, do fake missions that I make up, that's pretty much it

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It's different.

The only difference is that most people in the other thread don't say what they're wearing. They do say what they do and what guns they use.

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Reporty reporty tounge.gif

I was in 2 minds if this topic should stay open.

But people saying they reported it, and thats all, now makes me have to lock the topic because it will turn into a sh*tty spam fest.



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