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I tried modding for the first time using IMG and I forgot to backup my files. The mods didnt work fo example I tried to change the gangs to bloods and crips but now there are no gangs anywere in the game. I have reinstalled the game severel times and there are still no gangs and the files are still saved as IMG not dll in the models section. What can I do to get the game back to its original state

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Re-Install the game. The only way. Oh... What do You mean "IMG" not "DLL"? Aren't they supposed to be? Modifications ain't addons, if You didn't know. You have to install them manually to the gta3.img-file. Open it up with IMGtool 2.0 and rename the old files. Then add the new files and rebuild the archive. This belongs to the modding section, btw...

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same thing with my SA

i modded grove st. gang member and forgot to backup it and he dont appear on streets

i think that isnt so bad but i was going to the mission house party after cutscene the crashes (because he should be there shooting at ballaz )

then i replaced my gang with smoke sweet & ryder

and still one of them did not appeared

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