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I Wonner make / or buy a RP S.A.M.P server but i never have try so i need some help right now i know nothing to making samp server blush.gif so plzz telle me all whot you ppl know.... wink.gif


Thanks alot... smile.gif


Mvh. Søren Nielsen... colgate.gif




Now i have a server thanks to this guid http://wiki.sa-mp.com/wiki/Windows_Server...


Stell need to know how to make it to RP... and why i only can find it on the server and not on any odder pc ?? =(

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Read the text on the top of the page. "Be sure to visit the SA-MP forums for any specific SA-MP questions (support, scripting, bug reports, etc.)". I think you'll get more answers there, but use the searh function before you post a new topic. ph34r.gif

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If you are new to SAMP its probably a better idea to join a current server instead. Try Server IP



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It is very difficult to script a roleplay server, thinking of: Creating and loading accounts, houses, cars... Scripting all gangs, factions, commmands


Therefore i would say that you should try creating and deathmatch or stunt server first....

Doing so you can get more and more experienced at scripting.. learning how to make dialogs, accounts and such...

And if you think youre ready you can start scripting the roleplay game.

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