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The Chain Game V2 23rd Round (with new features)


Recommended Posts


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


The Chain Game is for anyone who wants to play along, we are going to start a game from the beginning and take it to 100%.

Please read the Rules/Guidelines before you start to play.

The Rules/Guidelines are here so that the game can progress and everyone can have an enjoyable experience while making a contribution to its completion.


Joining the Chain Game is easy and new players are always welcome. If you're new and want to plunge right in, simply follow the Quick Start Guide for now and read the complete set of rules later. You're excused for now, but eventually you'll have to... wink.gif


Newbie's Quick Start Guide (by rubregg)

  • Call a turn by posting in this topic
  • Download the last save
  • Play one mission
  • Upload your save on gtasnp.com
  • Post the link to your game back here within 3 hours. Edit your original posting to do this. Have a look at other players' postings and you'll get the idea.
  • You can follow this link to go directly to the latest posting in the topic.




  • Call the mission that you want to do or just call a turn by posting in the topic.


  • The definition of a "mission" is "any named mission". Examples are "In the Beginning" "Learning to Fly" and "Big Smoke". If the save file name changes, then it's a "named mission".


  • Download the previously posted save file. We want to use the same save file throughout the game and take it to 100%. After 100%, we can see who has the fastest racing times.


  • Use the posting format (see below for the format).


  • Complete ONE named mission only, save it and post a link back in the topic (use edit). See below for a listing of 'named' missions that are 'lame' & may be done with one other 'named' mission.


  • Use Samutz, Rapidshare or YouSendit to upload.


  • Wait until 3 other turns have been completed before calling another mission.


  • If 6 hours pass without another gamer calling a mission, then the 3 mission rule is reset & anyone may call a turn. This does NOT mean to wait 6 hours between personal mission/turn calls.


  • Time limit to complete the mission is 3 hours. We will use the post time in the topic. The timer starts when a mission is called. After 3 hours and the caller has not posted, it's a forfeit and anyone else may call a mission.


  • The caller may call a forfeit. The forfeiter should wait at least one turn before calling another mission/turn. The forfeited turn will not count towards the '3-mission' rule.


  • In the event of two gamers calling a mission the first one does the called mission.


  • Mission strategy is up to the caller - just don't use cheats/trainers.


  • Do not save after getting busted or wasted.


  • The caller may purchase/collect items (weapons, etc.), eat, dress, date, get a tattoo, workout & get a haircut for CJ.


  • The caller may do any non-named missions/collections/deliveries in the 3 hours. Please report any extra stuff in the Notes section.


  • The caller doesn't have to call a mission when all they want to do for example is collect/do 25 tags, or do the Vigilante mission. In that case, just call a turn, but remember that the 3 hour time limit will still apply.


    A request to all players:

    Please try to post the completion percentage from the stats after you have completed your turn. This will help in putting together the stats at the end of the round (stats by girishb). The completion % can be found in STATS/MISC.




  • Do not fail a mission unless it's to collect a special vehicle (BP/DP/EP/FP). If a special vehicle has been collected, let us know in the Notes section.


  • Try to keep the safe house saves minimal.


  • Avoid known glitch situations - taxi for example, and basketball (in other words do NOT save at Madd Dogg's mansion), though you may use the the one for "NRG-500" and the Ammu-Nation glitch (but remember that some players like to see the clip count which disappears when the ammo exceeds 9999).


  • Try to save with full armor.


  • Collect ammo when possible.


  • Save close to available missions when possible.


  • Let’s try to have the last save for 100% be "End of the Line”, so let’s try to get everything else done before that.

  • "Lame Missions":

    Some missions are Named Missions although they are in fact only cut scenes without any action going on. These missions *are now Free Missions* and can be combined with any other one Named Mission. --> Examples: Verdant Meadows, Fish in a Barrel


  • Stadium Events:

    All Stadium Events *are now Free Missions* and can be combined in any number with any other one Named Mission.


  • Race Tournaments:

    With the exception of the 3 races you do within the storyline (Lowrider, Badlands A/B), all races *are no longer Named Missions*.

    --> You can do up to 3 races if you don't do a Named Mission as well.

    --> You can do 1 race if you also do a Named Mission.

    (Thanks to rubregg for putting the 'Lame' missions rule together)



  • Have FUN!
Maps for Collectibles:

For those who would like to spray tags/collect oysters/take snapshots/gather horseshoes, you can find the program for SAMA here, it will provide relevant maps showing which ones are left.


Links to pdescobar's convert program and V2.0 scripts:




Link to rubregg's Easy script switcher (PC)


Here is the posting format to use:

Mission: Use the mission name as it appears on the screen. Don't use mission descriptions like 'that mission where you chase the jet'

Called by: Use your handle.


Status: 'in progress' or 'completed'.

Notes: anything pertinent to the mission/strategy or extra stuff done.

Completion %: from stats section



Chain Game Round 23


Welcome to Chain Game 23. Round 23 will once again be a refined version of the previous round with a few changes. As (almost) always, it is a modified version of a version 2 save with many interesting changes/additions. We hope you will enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed creating it. Please remember that you should not save after being wasted/busted and instead should replay your turn if you have time. A few changes have been made in an attempt to discourage saving in such a situation.


The major change for Round 23 is that the barriers and objects are switched so that they appear for v2 players but not for v1 players. This means that a v2 player will have to complete the missions Green Sabre, Are You going to San Fierro?, and Yay Ka-Boom-Boom. Another added feature this round is the the save disk inside Madd Dogg's mansion has been moved from near the door to the first room on the left (the "library.") This new location should prevent the infamous basketball glitch, so feel free to save there this round whenever it's convenient.


While our description continues to take the form of hints and allusions, the map now contains (almost) everything. A couple of new features are left to be discovered, but 99% of the stuff that can be mapped is mapped. Also, a full feature list is on the way and might be posted later in the topic. Note that the map displays the rubregg Cheetah in its standard location but in this round the Cheetah remains outside the SF Hospital as rubregg is still dealing with his back problems. Hopefully he'll be back with us soon.



user posted image


Changes from the unmodified game:



  • Exports, and most mission-unlocked vehicles available at the start of the game; export spawns should still disappear once the car is exported
  • Some changes to export vehicle locations to resolve conflicts with other parked vehicles; in all but one case (the Sanchez) the new location is quite close to the original one.
  • Some minor changes to school rewards, airstrip vehicles, SF firetrucks, and a couple other cars to resolve conflicts as well. Most of these changes appeared in Round 19 as well.
  • Some original vehicles have been tweaked to spawn a little more reliably such as the Maverick on the LS Skyscraper or parked cars near safehouses. Caution: Some vehicles may spawn suddenly; it is not a good idea stand in the exact location of a missing vehicle.
  • You might find a green-colored vehicle in your garage; such vehicles are specially designed to help with certain tasks...
  • An entire new set of additional vehicle spawns have been added to the map; some enabled right away, and others will appear as the game progresses. A couple will be familiar from previous rounds but most will be new and different. Where are they? -- you'll just have to look around and see.
  • In order to improve stability, some of the less useful original vehicles have been removed. These include some of the Karts as well as some vehicles which have another of the same type very close by. For example, rather than having two Dodos right next to each other, you may only see one of them now.
  • Three adrenaline pills have been added in Los Santos
  • Jetpacks are available in each of the three major cities but might require some work to get to.
  • The fixed SF Bribe from previous chain games returns to its familiar location behind the SF firehouse
  • Some additional pickups have been added in some other places...
  • Bridge barriers will appear for version 2 players, but probably not for version 1 players. This means that a player running the v2 executable must complete the missions Green Sabre and Yay Ka-Boom-Boom. Note that this is a change from previous rounds where the opposite situation was in effect.
  • As a side effect of the barrier changes, a player running the v2 executable must also complete the mission Are You Going to San Fierro?.
  • All non-special clothing available at the start.
Interiors and Missions
  • Bike School & Boat School available at the start; Driving School icon is visible but it will not unlock until after Wear Flowers in Your Hair
  • Race Tournaments available at the start. Note that SF to LV is not completable until the barrier comes down; Military Service is more difficult because of the barrier, but can be completed. Also, please do not complete Lowrider Race, Badlands A, or Badlands B until their associated missions have been passed.
  • Vehicle mod shops in SF and LV are open at the start but without radar icons
  • Gyms open at the start but without radar icons
  • Food, Clothing, Barber, Tattoo, and Ammunation, are not altered and follow normal storyline unlocking.
  • Zero's RC Shop is open from the start and probably won't close.
  • Crack Den is open from the start but will close once Cleaning the Hood is attempted.
  • Madd Dogg's Crib is open from the start but will close once Madd Dogg's Rhymes is attempted and will remain closed until "A Home in the Hills" is passed.
  • Vagos Gang House is open from the start but will close once Burning Desire is attempted.
  • The Pleasure Domes club is open from the start of the game but will close once Ice Cold Killa is attempted.
  • Sindacco Abattoir is open from the start but will close once The Meat Business is attempted.
  • Planning Department is open from the start but will close once Architectural Espionage is attempted.
  • Finally, a few markers may not lead where you expect them to...
Safehouses and garages
  • The Johnson House is open before Big Smoke
  • The Redsands West property no longer has a usable garage; instead, there is a new Dock garage at Toreno's ranch which can store boats, amphibious air vehicles, and even small land vehicles. It is usable from the start and marked on radar as a "Boat Yard"; there are also some special objects at each corner of the garage marking its size.
  • The car garage at the airstrip is usable from the start; this is similar to how the Doherty garage is usable in the standard game. The hangar will remain inaccessible until the airstrip is purchased.
  • Some Pay n Sprays have increased in size and can support a greater variety of vehicles.
  • There is a new Pay n Spray enabled behind the LV Dance Club; it is marked on the radar and is very large, so a wide variety of things could be sprayed there...
  • Several garages previously used only in missions have been reassigned to more useful tasks at the start of the game.
  • The save disk inside Madd Dogg's Mansion has been moved to a new location in the first room on the left; saving there should now avoid the basketball glitch.
Unique Stunt Jumps
  • Seventeen of the original jumps have been removed and replaced with new jumps; some of the new ones are fairly easy and some are extra-challenging.
  • Please note that SAMA should now show all the jumps and record their status properly.
Other features
  • Sixteen current and former Chain Game contributors have been honored in this round; see how many references you can find.
  • There are a couple new ways to make money if you look around
  • The underwater glitch has been integrated as a feature. Note that CJ swims faster with the Frame Limiter On.
  • There are some new ways to travel quickly between cities
  • Some local property taxes have been reassessed.
  • Be sure to look around and check out some of the new additions before doing everything the same old way; you might find something that'll help you do, for example, early vigilante without the Hunter or HPV.
  • Some added features are intended to expand on what can be accomplished with 4-stars. For example, a new jump might show you how to enter restricted territory and a special vehicle may help you survive while you're there.
  • Some added features are intended to give an introduction to Chain Game Rallies; that discussion inspired this modification and will hopefully lead to future fun stuff
Independent Play
  • People who would like to play this save independently should download the version 1 or version 2 saves provided below. The chain game is using a version 2 save with a rules patch applied which these saves do not have.
  • For this round, the barriers and map objects should work correctly with your given version. That is, people with the v1 exe and scripts playing the v1 save should see all the barriers and objects properly. And so should people with the v2 exe and the v2 scripts. A hybrid installation is not recommended for the Independent Play saves.
  • Also please note that a few of our additions and changes might confuse third-party tools like trainers and save-editors so be especially careful when using them while playing these saves.
  • GTAF Chain Game 23 v1 for independent play
  • GTAF Chain Game 23 v2 for independent play
Design Notes
  • There are a few things still unmapped which will initially not appear on a feature list. Whenever new things are added we like to keep a bit of mystery about them to encourage exploration and experimentation. We hope you do some investigating, try out new things, take notice of your surroundings, and share your finds with everyone else.
  • We have tried to manage the balancing act of adding fun new features while making minimal changes to items from the original game. We have also worked hard to ensure that all changes function under the original game scripts without requiring any modification from the players. Hopefully you will agree that our choices were sound ones.
  • Your input is encouraged; please give us your comments regarding this round's features. If you don't want to post them in the topic so as not to clutter it or spoil anything for anyone else, feel free to PM either OrionSR or pdescobar. We are particularly interested in issues where new/changed vehicles or pickups are not spawning properly but any feedback is welcome.
  • For those who are curious, a variety of tools were used in the creation and testing of this. Pieces of this were made via a custom Darkpacted mission script made with SannyBuilder, modified IPL files, and the GTASA Control Center. It was then unified together by hex-editing parts of a couple diffferent saves together; hex-editing was also used in a couple of cases to overcome limitations of the tools and finish off the features. Saving in the Jefferson Alley was accomplished with CLEO. And, as always, Samutz' GTASnP uploader was invaluable in helping with the design and testing.
Supplement to the rules of the Chain Game (V 1.0 and V 2.0)
--- by crazyanurag & JAJ---

This supplement is designed to discuss some of the technicalities of the Chain Game's rules, and it was thought best to provide these in the original post.


(1) Abuse of the '3-mission' rule:


Callers are encouraged to understand the basic ethos of the Chain Game. One should only call a mission, once the previous caller has completed his/her called mission and posted the new save. That's the basic idea of the chain: a new link can only be attached as long as the previous one is bound. Hence, to call a mission while a previous one is being completed, defeats the entire logic of the chain. In such a case, one can actually wait around and call every 5th mission beforehand, and negate the possibility of others to call the mission. This seems to be a fine loophole of the 3-mission rule, which callers should not exploit. Let's also consider the fact that when a mission/turn is called that the 3 hour timer has started.


(2) Exceptions to the 'One Named Mission' rule:


•"King In Exile"

•"First Date"

•"First Base"

•"Gone Courting"

•"Made in Heaven"


The above missions are all cut scenes in the Catalina strand in the Badlands. The icons for her missions trigger each of these, in sequence, though it is up to the caller to decide which of Catalina's jobs they'd want to pull off. In each such case, the caller should call the cut scene (like "First date") and also the job (e.g.: "Local Liquor Store"). The format should be: Missions: First Date/Local Liquor Store. The caller can't help but do a 'double', so to say, as one can't save after the cut scenes, and in these cases the 'one named mission' rule is exempted.


•"Back to School"

•"Learning to Fly"

•"Boat School"

•"Bike School"


The above vehicular schools are comprised of 'named' tests (e.g.: "Burn and Lap", "Circle the Airstrip", "Land, Sea, and Air", "Stoppie" etc.). Callers should take note that 'named' tests are not equivalent to 'named missions'. Hence, callers should call schools and not particular tests, even though it may seem, for some, to be against the 'one named mission' rule. To call and do one single test, or only a set of two/three tests, would only add confusion to future callers, and be an impediment to the progress of the Chain Game. Callers also note: in the posting format, you should use "Back to School" and "Learning to Fly" and not 'Driving School' and 'Flying School'.


• The 'CV' icon at Wang Auto after "Back to School" and "Yay Ka Boom Boom" are completed


This one's a little different from the first four, as even though an icon appears for Cesar on the map, and you go to the dealership at Doherty, it is not followed by a mission, and instead opens up Cesar's strand at San Fierro. This is different, also, from "Verdant Meadows" because even though the mechanic involved is the same, the latter is a named mission, while this is not. Callers may buy Wang Auto after the completion of "Back to School" or "Yay Ka Boom Boom" (whichever is done later), and this will not be considered as a violation of the 'one named mission' rule. Alternatively, callers may buy it before starting "Zeroing In", if it wasn't purchased beforehand.


(3) Missions exempt from the 'One Named Mission' rule:


• The Chiliad Challenge

• "Verdant Meadows", as mentioned above

• "Fish in a Barrel"

• "Stadiom Events"

• Los Santos Race Tournaments

• San Fierro Race Tournaments

• Las Venturas Race Tournaments (Cars)

• Las Venturas Racing Tournaments (Aircraft)


(4) Non-storyline missions which alter the save names:



• NRG-500

• Zero's Missions

• Cesar's Missions in San Fierro

• Heist Missions in Las Venturas


(5) Other things to keep in mind:


Dating : All callers can help CJ progress with any of the 6 girlfriends in the game. It does not have to be called separately, and if it is, then the '3 hour' rule will apply as always. It is best not to alter CJ physically and instead collect all oysters as soon as possible to make him forever desirable.


Import/Export : All callers are allowed to participate in exporting cars, and this does not have to be called separately. Callers, however, must remain true to the spirit of the Chain Game and only export cars when full earnings can be availed. Do not export damaged cars. Callers can also help by storing cars on the lists beforehand as and when they come across these. The Cheetah and the Huntley are probably best to stock up early.


Turf Wars/Gang Wars : These can be separately called for, and also be completed otherwise. The second round of wars in Los Santos should be completed before "Riot", as this saves a lot of trouble and makes the last few missions speedier. The posting format for these would be: Mission: Gang Wars. Callers should, at all costs, avoid any sort of 'territory glitch'.


Have fun playing!


I would like to thank crazyanurag, ajkhan316', Plaka, Tornado Rex, & wolf68k for helping put this together.

Also thanks to:

OrionSR & pdescobar for the starting save.

meth. for the 100% checklist.

pdescobar for the banner artwork.

Samutz for the [snP] Uploader/Downloader.

pdescobar for the V2 conversion program.

I got the idea for the Chain Game from Orion_SR 08/05.


The officers of the chain game are:







Edited by JAJ
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Note: This is a work in-progress; some stuff still needs to be added, particularly related to vehicles.


Chain Game 23 Feature List


Armory Hideouts -- Some safehouses and some other interiors are now linked through their wardrobes to a special "armory." This armory contains high-ammo pickups for the most used weapons in the game as well as a health pickup and it also has a wardrobe so you can still change your clothes (or get armor) there.

  • Small 24-7 in West Mulholland, LS
  • Whetstone Farm Safehouse; can be used at the start but must still be purchased to reach 100% completion
  • Vank Hoff Hotel Safehouse in Queens, SF; must be purchased to be used
  • Big Pointy Building in Downtown SF (if you take the marker back down after going to the top)
  • Sherman Dam between entry marker on top of the dam and the Generator Room interior.
  • Caligula's Roof (North marker; South one still goes to the Roof)

Teleport Markers -- Some markers which used to link to shops now allow quick warping between far-off areas of the map. All portals which lead towards LS and Red County allow bikes and all portals which lead towards other areas allow both bikes and cars. However, most of these markers are quite close to the buildings they used to allow entry to and it may be difficult or even impossible to get a car to go through. Bikes should work for all although you may have to nearly drive up the wall to get it to register.

  • The 69-cent store near Unity Station, LS connects with the unmarked barber shop in El Quebrados
  • The 24-7 at the truckstop in Whetstone (near Angel Pine) connects with the unmarked Montgomery Pizza Stack.
  • The Binco in Juniper Hill, SF connects with the Binco at the North end of the Strip in LV
  • The Victim in Rodeo, LS connects with the Victim in Downtown SF.
  • The SubUrban in Jefferson, LS connects with the SubUrban in Creek, LV

Enlarged Garages -- Many safehouse garages have been expanded in (virtual) size so that vehicles can fit on the roof as well as inside. This allows you to save small air vehicles as well as cars. Note that you can only see vehicles on the roof if the door is open. The capacity of the garages cannot been changed and is still limited to 4 total vehicles each.

  • Mulholland Safehouse Garage enlarged
  • El Corona Safehouse Garage enlarged
  • Palomino Creek Safehouse Garage enlarged
  • Dillimore Safehouse Garage enlarged
  • Doherty Garage enlarged
  • Whitewood Estates Safehouse Garage enlarged
  • Rockshore West Safehouse Garage enlarged

New/Altered Garages -- One safehouse garage has been moved to a new location as a special "dock" garage which can save boats as well as land/air vehicles and some previously mission-only garages have been assigned new subversive duties.

  • The Redsands Safehouse garage has been disabled and replaced with a dock garage at Toreno's Ranch. This dock is marked on the map with an anchor icon and special objects have been placed on the map at the corners of the garage to mark its boundaries. The dock garage is usable from the start of the game, even before Toreno's place gets a save icon.
  • The smaller garage at the Verdant Meadows Airstrip is now open from the start of the game. Much like the Doherty garage, this gives you a place to stash a car for 4-star fun.
  • The Palomino Creek Safehouse garage is also open from the start of the game.
  • The garage in the alley in El Corona used during the mission Los Desperados has been internally renamed and turned into a bomb shop (remote detonation bombs.) It will remain operational even after the mission is passed.
  • The garage behind Cesar's house in El Corona has been turned into a bomb shop (ignition trigger bombs;) it will also be opertational for the entire game.

Enlarged Pay'n'Sprays -- Some Pay'n'Sprays now have a larger size so that air vehicles can be sprayed by landing on the roof.

  • Dillimore PnS enlarged
  • Juniper Hollow PnS enlarged

New/Altered Pay'n'Sprays -- A Pay'n'Spray that is normally locked and unused has been relocated and enlarged; this is a normal PnS. Also, several previously mission-only garages have been assigned spray duties for some of the time; these function the same as Michelle's PnS -- they are free and display the "girlfriend has fixed your vehicle" message. Note that free Pay'n'Sprays still require that you have at least $100 in your pocket even though they do not charge you.

  • A previously unused PnS has been moved to East LV behind the Dance Club. It is marked on the radar with the standard spray icon and functions normally. However, it has no visible door so at ground level it is accessible from 3 directions and the changed camera angle can be a little tricky to deal with. Also, it is large enough that air (or other) vehicles which land on the roof will be sprayed as well.
  • The Downtown LS garage used in the mission Life's a Beach functions as a free PnS during the early part of the game. Once that mission is passed, the garage closes.
  • The garage next to the Angel Pine Ammu-Nation used in the mission Puncture Wounds (if you let it get that far) functions as a free PnS for part of the game. Once that mission is passed, the garage closes.
  • The garage in Ocean Flats, SF (a block South of Wheel Arch Angels) used in the mission T-Bone Mendez (if you let it get that far) functions as a free PnS for part of the game. Once that mission is passed, the garage closes.
  • The garage next to Woozie's shop in Chinatown, SF intended for the mission Ran Fa Li but never actually used in the standard game functions as a free PnS; this garage has been internally renamed and remains open for the entire game.
  • The garage in Las Brujas, Bone County used in the mission Interdiction functions as a free PnS. When you pass the mission the garage door comes down, but the door is unsolid. Thus you can walk through it back into the garage and get in the vehicle you just left, or drive something else through the door later to get the door to stay open. So this PnS is accessible the entire game.

New Objects & Interiors -- Some extra stuff added to the map.

  • SFPD Interior -- The Dillimore Police Station now links to the previously-unused SFPD Interior. Note that the displayed name will still say "LSPD Headquarters" when you enter it, but it functions normally. As with other police interiors, there are several pickups inside and if you pull out a gun, they'll hit you with a 2-star wanted level.
  • Sunken Pirate Ship -- In the murky waters below the Dock Garage (see above) at Toreno's Ranch you'll find a sunken wreck. It's best to explore using the Underwater Glitch though since diving pretty much requires max lung capacity and health to survive.
  • Dock Garage Boundaries -- Some flaming skulls and some lightposts mark the corners of the Dock Garage; they look especially cool at night.
  • Truth's crops are there at the start of the game; you can burn them down if you wish (just for fun) and they should reappear if you restart SA and load a Chain Game 23 save again. If playing the forum saves with the version 2 exe, the crops will be permanently destroyed following the mission Are You Going to San Fierro? but players using the version 1 exe should still see them until Yay Ka-Boom-Boom is passed. If playing the Independent Play saves, the crops should not exist after Are You Going to San Fierro? regardless of exe version.
  • The floor of the ground level of Big Smoke's Crack Palace is solid at the start of the game.

Bug fixes

  • The save disk in Madd Dogg's Mansion has been moved from the location near the back door to the first room on the left ("the library"). Whille still near the door, this location is far enough away from the interior basketball court that it should prevent the Basketball Glitch; thus saving at Madd Dogg's place is no longer discouraged in the Chain Game.
  • The armor pickup in the dark room opposite the recording studio in Madd Dogg's mansion will now respawn if picked up; in the orginal game once you grabbed it, it was gone.
  • A bribe inaccessible in the standard game has been moved to the narrow alley behind the SF Fire Station; long-time Chain Game players may remember this location from previous rounds.

Early Access -- Missions, locations, and other things made available earlier to expand what can be done at the start of the game.

  • Basketballs spawn on all the courts at the start of the game so you can play the basketball minigames earlier.
  • All Race Tournaments (i.e. Street Races) are available at the start of the game; barriers between islands may render some of them difficult or even impossible.
  • Bike School and Boat School are open at the start of the game. Driving School is marked on the radar but cannot be attempted until the mission Wear Flowers in Your Hair is passed; note that you will not receive the phonecall from Jethro about the driving school following the Deconstruction mission.
  • SF and LV car mod shops are open at the start of the game but they will not be marked on the radar until the storyline "officially" opens them; LS mod shops remain inaccessible until Cesar Vialpando is passed.
  • All gyms are open at the start of the game but will not be marked on radar until the mission Drive Thru is passed.
  • Several safehouses are open earlier than normal.
    • The Johnson House is open at the start of the game; thus you can save there prior to completing the mission Big Smoke
    • The Palomino Creek Safehouse is open from the start of the game even though it can't yet be purchased; you will still have to buy it later to reach 100% completion.
    • The Whetstone Farm Safehouse is open from the start of the game even though it can't yet be purchased; you will still have to buy it later to reach 100% completion.
    • Also, most of the Armory Hideouts (see above) are open from the start.
  • Several (mostly mission-related) interiors are accessible at the start of the game but may close later.
    • Zero's RC Shop is open from the start and probably won't close.
    • Crack Den is open from the start but will close once Cleaning the Hood is attempted.
    • Madd Dogg's Crib is open from the start but will close once Madd Dogg's Rhymes is attempted and will remain closed until A Home in the Hills is passed.
    • Vagos Gang House is open from the start but will close once Burning Desire is attempted.
    • The Pleasure Domes club is open from the start of the game but will close once Ice Cold Killa is attempted.
    • Sindacco Abattoir is open from the start but will close once The Meat Business is attempted.
    • Planning Department is open from the start but will close once Architectural Espionage is attempted.
    • Big Smoke's Crack Palace is open from the start of the game and should never close.

Unique Stunt Jumps -- The original game's unique stunt jumps are gradually being replaced by our own jumps. Some of these highlight ways to get in and out of hard-to-reach places, others showcase special features of the modification, a few encourage participation in the Chain Game Rallies, and some are just cool. There are currently 17 new jumps; because these all replace original jumps, the count remains at 70 and SAMA will properly display all of them.

  1. LV Pyramid to PnS
  2. Isolated Mound South of Montgomery
  3. Jump over plane at LS Airport
  4. Tunnel into SF Airport
  5. Mt Bike Rooftop jump in Downtown SF
  6. NRG Rooftop jump in Downtown SF
  7. Underwater Mound in Red County
  8. Fern Narrows jump
  9. Isolated Tree near Blueberry
  10. Early LV access jump
  11. Yacht Harbor Sign at Santa Maria Pier
  12. LS Airport Roof
  13. Foster Valley
  14. Foster Freeway
  15. LV Fuel Depot (KACC)
  16. Fallen Tree in Panopticon
  17. Speed or Splash; South of Blueberry

New Pickups -- We've added a few new pickups to spice up the game; most are located in the Armory Hideout, but there is some interesting stuff outside too. Note that pickups marked "fast respawn" will generally regenerate in less than a minute although you do have to leave the immediate area and come back to grab them again; weapons which have shared ammo with others in their class cannot be marked "fast respawn" however because of the possibility of nullifying their ammo count.

  • Armory Hideout
    • 9mm Pistol; 500 ammo (fast respawn)
    • Silenced Pistol; 500 ammo (fast respawn)
    • Desert Eagle; 500 ammo (fast respawn)
    • Tec-9; 500 ammo
    • Micro SMG (uzi); 500 ammo
    • SMG (MP5); 1000 ammo
    • Chrome Shotgun; 500 ammo
    • Sawn-off Shotgun; 500 ammo
    • Combat Shotgun; 500 ammo
    • AK-47; 1000 ammo
    • M-4; 1000 ammo
    • Sniper Rifle; 250 ammo (fast respawn)
    • Molotovs; 100 ammo (fast respawn)
    • Teargas; 100 ammo (fast respawn)
    • RPG; 250 ammo (fast respawn)
    • Heat-Seeker; 250 ammo (fast respawn)
    • FlameThrower; 2000 ammo (fast respawn)
    • Minigun; 1500 ammo (fast respawn)
    • Health (fast respawn)
    • Knife (fast respawn)
    • Parachute (fast respawn)
    • IR Goggles (fast respawn)
  • Jetpacks
    • LS Jetpack; by tree next to Johnson House
    • SF Jetpack; Chinatown rooftop -- requires some clever climbing
    • LV Jetpack; Clowns Pocket rooftop
  • Adrenaline Pills -- work similar to pills in previous games; time slows for CJ for a brief time and he's a little more powerful.
    • Adrenaline Pill (fast respawn) in Jefferson; by train tracks across from church
    • Adrenaline Pill (fast respawn) in Glen Park; alleyway North of park
    • Adrenaline Pill (fast respawn) in Ganton; along Grove St under overpass
  • Asset pickups -- just like the assets in the original game, money only increases when you are nearby
    • Pirate Booty (on deck of sunken ship) -- 65k per day max; 250k overall max
    • Four Dragons (interior) -- 25k per day max; 25k overall max
  • Miscellaneous Additions
    • Armor (fast respawn) in every wardrobe
    • Parachute (fast respawn) on Caligula's Roof (South side)
    • Health in SFPD Interior
  • Tweaked Original Pickups
    • The parachute on top of the Antenna Tower by the Big Ear is now set to fast respawn.
    • The parachute on top of SF Big Pointy Building is now set to fast respawn.
    • The parachute on top of Garver Bridge is now set to fast respawn.

Player Attributes -- Stats, skills and other things related to the player himself.

  • All the buyable clothing is available in your wardrobe at the start of the game.
  • Armor increased by 100; this means that an armor pickup prior to the vigilante mission will give you 200 armor and one after completing vigilante will give you 250 armor.
  • CJ starts with 16% Driving Skill (8-Track requires 20%)
  • CJ starts with 16% Flying Skill (the airport gates require 18%)

Vehicle Features Still to Come



  • The starting save loads in the Jefferson Alley at 6:30 (or very close to 6:30). The blinking radar & message to head towards Grove St are both intact, as is the Grove St arrival audio.
  • The four arcade games have special messages embedded in the initial high-score list.
    • They Came From Uranus honors Plaka from GTAForums
    • Lets Get Ready to Bumble honors quartet1977 from GTAForums
    • Go Go Space Monkey honors Morgoth22 from the GameFAQs forums and the SA PC Record Book.
    • Duality lists the current Chain Game round on the white side and has a special "Get Well Rubregg" message on the black side.
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Get Well Messages To Rubregg



Bad News:

It finally hit the fan yesterday. I'll be off to hospital later today and won't be around for a while (can't say for how long). Have fun with the next round(s) and enjoy the hunt for specials. 


Bad~Boy#17: Get well soon. The Chain Game wont be the same with out you. wink.gif


crazyanurag: Get well soon, my friend cryani.gif


dxk: Get well soon with all the wrmth from the people who love you.. icon14.gifcookie.gif


girishb: Get well soon, buddy. We miss you


GTA Phrak: Get well soon


HerrieM: I wish you good luck, and let's hope your body is healthy soon. Having a hernia myself I can somewhat imagine what your going through.(In the progress of asking him, I got him to join in the Chain Game)


hmvartak: Dear mate, get well soon. We all are waiting to see you on GTAF again.


JAJ: I hope everything goes well for you & that whatever they do to you brings you relief with the minimum of pain & recovery time!


minitomo: Good luck and get well soon


Necromancer: Get well soon, buddy.


OrionSR: You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


pdescobar: Get well soon rubregg!


radicell: Hey rubregg, Get well soon, we miss you in the Chain Game.


ryan92: Hope you get better soon. We will be thinking of you.


Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic: 1. Hope you get well soon. I wish the best of luck to a successful operation for you. I hope my dad could help you; he's a great a physio. wink.gif


2.Good luck with the operation, rubregg! You're a great part of the Chain Game, and I hope that everything goes well. May God help you, mate.


Tony Zimmy: I hope you're okay, and I hope everything will be okay and my thoughts are with you and your loved ones. I hope to see you around here again soon smile.gif


zmoonchild: I hope everything goes well.



If you wish to send rubregg a message send me a PM or post it in the Chain Game Topic.


Updates, And Messages


To Chain Gamers


Hi all!


Wow, I'm overwhelmed, speechless and deeply moved by all your friendly messages and everything you did for me in this round !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks so very much, everybody!!


.... to keep you up-to-date:


As you can see I'm back home, but that was only for a couple of days. Unfortunately the state of my back is rather serious - a bit of one of my spinal discs has broken off and is sitting somewhere in the spinal canal, pressing onto the nerves that run along there. I'm having a few sensory problems in my left foot and also some of my toe muscles don't work as well as they should anymore. Oh, and I'm on very strong painkillers too, otherwise I wouldn't be able to stand or sit or anything. Even with them, I can only sit for a couple of minutes at a time, so I only had a glance at the topic.... sad.gif


Doctors aren't certain yet whether to operate or not. Tomorrow I'll be back to hospital for another thorough check and I'll then either have the operation or not. Either way, after that I'll be off to a rehabilitation clinic (physical, not drugs wink.gif ) for at least another 3 weeks, so I won't be able to play or hang around here for quite a while longer.


So - have fun with the upcoming rounds, and I'll be back when this sh*t's sorted out....


To The Chain Game Develoment Team


Thanks for all the 'extra specials' you have put into this round!!! I'm deeply honoured!!! Please let the rest of the development team know. Unfortunately I can't take a look at them though. I'll have to postpone that to when all this will be sorted out....


Thanks and see you,





So once again Round 23 of the Chain Game will be dedicated to rubregg
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Meth's San Andreas 100% Tick Sheet™


LOS SANTOS Beginning Missions


[x] In the Beginning (OrionSR & pdescobar)

[x] Big Smoke (Naseem Srour)

[x] Ryder (JAJ)


Sweet Missions


[x] Tagging Up Turf (ryan92)

[x] Cleaning the Hood (pdescobar)

[x] Drive-Thru (radicell)

[x] Nines and AKs (Naseem Srour)

[x] Drive-By (jaj's brother)

[x] Sweet's Girl (OrionSR)

[x] Cesar Vialpando (girishb)


Cesar Missions


[x] High Stakes, Low-Rider (JAJ)


Ryder Missions


[x] Home Invasion (Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic)

[x] Catalyst (quartet1977)

[x] Robbing Uncle Sam (girishb)


Big Smoke Missions


[x] OG Loc (JAJ)

[x] Running Dog (Naseem Srour)

[x] Wrong Side of the Tracks (radicell)

[x] Just Business (girishb)


The OG Loc Missions


[x] Life's a Beach (dxk)

[x] Madd Dogg's Rhymes (jaj's brother)

[x] Management Issues (pdescobar)

[x] House Party (girishb)


The C.R.A.S.H. Missions


[x] Burning Desire (GTA Phreak)

[x] Gray Imports (JAJ)


Sweet Part 2 Missions


[x] Doberman (Naseem Srour)

[x] Los Sepulcros (Necromancer.)


Los Santos Finale Missions


[x] Reuniting the Families (T-S-K)

[x] Green Sabre (jaj's brother)



THE BADLANDS THE DESERT[x] Badlands (quartet1977)

[x] First Date (ryan92)

[x] King in Exile (pdescobar)

[x] First Base (girishb)

[x] Gone Courting (ryan92)

[x] Made in Heaven (Naseem Srour)

[x] Wu Zi Mu (JAJ)

[x] Farewell, My Love (quartet1977)


Catalina Missions


[x] Tanker Commander (ryan92)

[x] Against All Odds (girishb)

[x] Local Liquor Store (ryan92)

[x] Small Town Bank (Naseem Srour)


The Truth Missions


[x] Body Harvest (pdescobar)

[x] Are You Going to San Fierro (jaj's brother)



Toreno Missions


[x] Monster (jaj's brother)

[x] HighJack (ryan92)

[x] Interdiction (jaj's brother)

[x] Verdant Meadows (JAJ)


Airstrip Missions


[x] Learing to Fly (JAJ)

[x] N.O.E. (JAJ)

[x] Stowaway (quartet1977)

[x] Black Project (girishb)

[x] Green Goo (koen47)


Steal Car Missions


[x] Zeroing In (girishb)

[x] Test Drive (koen47)

[x] Customs Fast Track (JAJ)

[x] Puncture Wounds (quartet1977)


SAN FIERRO Garage Missions


[x] Wear Flowers In Your Hair (girishb)

[x] Deconstruction (JAJ)

[x] 555 WE TIP - San Fierro C.R.A.S.H. (jaj's brother)


Syndicate Missions


[x] Photo Opportunity (jaj's brother)

[x] Jizzy (GTA Phreak)

[x] T-Bone Mendez (girishb)

[x] Mike Toreno (JAJ)

[x] Outrider (koen47)

[x] Snail Trail (pdescobar)

[x] Ice Cold Killa (JAJ)

[x] Pier 69 (OrionSR)

[x] Toreno's Last Fight (JAJ)

[x] Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (ryan92)



Zero Missions


[x] Air Raid (JAJ)

[x] Supply Lines (JAJ)

[x] New Model Army (Necromancer.)


Woozie Missions


[x] Mountain Cloud Boys (JAJ)

[x] Ran Fa Li (ryan92)

[x] Lure (Naseem Srour)

[x] Amphibious Assault (jaj's brother)

[x] The Da Nang Thang (koen47)






[x] Fender Ketchup (girishb)

[x] Explosive Situation (quartet1977)

[x] You've Had Your Chips (JAJ)

[x] Don Peyote (girishb)

[x] Intensive Care (jaj's brother)

[x] Misappropriation (koen47)

[x] The Meat Business (JAJ)

[x] Scene: Fish in a Barrel (jaj's brother)

[x] Madd Dogg (jaj's brother)

[x] Freefall (JAJ)

[x] High Noon (girishb)

[x] Saint Mark's Bistro (koen47)


Heist Missions


[x] Architectural Espionage (jaj's brother)

[x] Key to Her Heart (JAJ)

[x] Dam and Blast (ryan92)

[x] Cop Wheels (ryan92)

[x] Up,Up, and Away (JAJ)

[x] Breaking the Bank at Caligula's (jaj's brother)



Mansion Missions


[x] A Home in the Hills (Necromancer.)

[x] Vertical Bird (jaj's brother)

[x] Home Coming (quartet1977)

[x] Cut Throat Business (JAJ)


Grove Street Missions


[x] Beat Down on B-Dup (OrionSR)

[x] Grove 4 Life (jaj's brother)


Riots Missions


[x] Riot (GTA Phreak)

[x] Los Desperados (JAJ)

[x] End of the Line (Naseem Srour)



ODDJOBSVehicle Missions


[x] Vigilante - Level 12 (Necromancer.)

[x] Firefighter - Level 12 (quartet1977)

[x] Paramedic - Level 12 (OrionSR)

[x] Taxi - 50 Fares (GTA Phreak)

[x] Pimping - Level 10 (GTA Phreak)

[x] Burglary (JAJ)


Trucking (RS Haul Asset)


[x] Mission 1 (pdescobar)

[x] Mission 2 (pdescobar)

[x] Mission 3 (pdescobar)

[x] Mission 4 (pdescobar)

[x] Mission 5 (pdescobar)

[x] Mission 6 (quartet1977)

[x] Mission 7 (quartet1977)

[x] Mission 8 (quartet1977)


Challenge Missions


[x] BMX Challenge (radicell)

[x] NRG-500 Challenge (GTA Phreak)


Chiliad Challenge


[x] Race 1 (OrionSR)

[x] Race 2 (OrionSR)

[x] Race 3 (OrionSR)


Gym Missions (learn fighting styles)


[x] Los Santos Gym (pdescobar)

[x] San Fierro Gym (girishb)

[x] Las Venturas Gym (girishb)




Los Santos


[x] Little Loop (radicell)

[x] Backroad Wanderer (radicell)

[x] City Circuit (JAJ)

[x] Vinewood (radicell)

[x] Freeway (Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic)

[x] Into the Country (radicell)


San Fierro


[x] Dirtbike Danger (girishb)

[x] Banito County (Necromancer.)

[x] Go-Go Karting (Necromancer.)

[x] San Fierro Fastlane (girishb)

[x] San Fierro Hills (GTA Phreak)

[x] Country Endurance (koen47)


Las Venturas Airport Freight Depot Races


[x] San Fierro to Las Venturas (GTA Phreak)

[x] Dam Rider (girishb)

[x] Desert Tricks (girishb)

[x] Las Ventuars Ringroad (girishb)


Las Venturas Airport Races


[x] World War Aces (JAJ)

[x] Barnstorming (GTA Phreak)

[x] Military Service (GTA Phreak)

[x] Chopper Checkpoint (JAJ)

[x] Whirly Bird Waypoint (JAJ)

[x] Heli Hell (koen47)


Shooting Range Challenge


[x] Pistol Challenge (girishb)

[x] SMG Challenge (girishb)

[x] Shotgun Challenge (girishb)

[x] AK-47 Challenge (girishb)


Stadium Events


[x] 8-Track (pdescobar)

[x] Blood Bowl (OrionSR)

[x] Dirt Track (girishb)

[x] Kickstart (girishb)



Driving School (Gold)


[x] 360 (OrionSR)

[x] 180 (OrionSR)

[x] Whip & Terminate (OrionSR)

[x] Pop & Control (OrionSR)

[x] Burn & Lap (OrionSR)

[x] Cone Coil (OrionSR)

[x] '90' (OrionSR)

[x] Wheelie Weave (OrionSR)

[x] Spin & Go (OrionSR)

[x] P.I.T. Maneuver (OrionSR)

[x] Alley Oop (OrionSR)

[x] City Slicking (OrionSR)


* Back to School mission is completed

the first time through driving school


Bike School (Gold)


[x] 360 (girishb)

[x] 180 (girishb)

[x] Wheelie (girishb)

[x] Jump & Stop (girishb)

[x] Stoppie (girishb)

[x] Jump & Stoppie (girishb)


Boat School (Gold)


[x] Basic Seamanship (quartet1977)

[x] Plot a Course (quartet1977)

[x] Fresh Slalom (quartet1977)

[x] Flying Fish (quartet1977)

[x] Land, Sea, and Air (quartet1977)


Pilot School (Gold)


[x] Takeoff (JAJ)

[x] Land Plane (JAJ)

[x] Circle Airstrip (JAJ)

[x] Circle Airstrip and Land (JAJ)

[x] Helicopter Takeoff (JAJ)

[x] Land Helicopter (JAJ)

[x] Destroy Targets (JAJ)

[x] Loop-the-Loop (JAJ)

[x] Barrel Roll (JAJ)

[x] Parachute onto Target (JAJ)


Courier Missions


Roboi's Food Mart Asset

[x] Los Santos Stage 1 (pdescobar)

[x] Los Santos Stage 2 (pdescobar)

[x] Los Santos Stage 3 (pdescobar)

[x] Los Santos Stage 4 (pdescobar)


Hippy Shopper Asset

[x] San Fierro Stage 1 (JAJ)

[x] San Fierro Stage 2 (JAJ)

[x] San Fierro Stage 3 (JAJ)

[x] San Fierro Stage 4 (JAJ)


Burger Shot Asset

[x] Las Venturas Stage 1 (girishb)

[x] Las Venturas Stage 2 (girishb)

[x] Las Venturas Stage 3 (girishb)

[x] Las Venturas Stage 4 (girishb)


Quarry Missions (Hunter Quarry asset)


[x] Mission 1 (GTA Phreak)

[x] Mission 2 (GTA Phreak)

[x] Mission 3 (GTA Phreak)

[x] Mission 4 (GTA Phreak)

[x] Mission 5 (GTA Phreak)

[x] Mission 6 (GTA Phreak)

[x] Mission 7 (GTA Phreak)




[x] Exports Board - 30 cars

[x] Valet Parking (Vank Hoff Hotel asset) - level 5 (JAJ)

[x] Frieght Train - level 2 (JAJ)




Tags (Los Santos)


[x] 1 [x] 2 [x] 3 [x] 4 [x] 5

[x] 6 [x] 7 [x] 8 [x] 9 [x] 10

[x] 11 [x] 12 [x] 13 [x] 14 [x] 15

[x] 16 [x] 17 [x] 18 [x] 19 [x] 20

[x] 21 [x] 22 [x] 23 [x] 24 [x] 25

[x] 26 [x] 27 [x] 28 [x] 29 [x] 30

[x] 31 [x] 32 [x] 33 [x] 34 [x] 35

[x] 36 [x] 37 [x] 38 [x] 39 [x] 40

[x] 41 [x] 42 [x] 43 [x] 44 [x] 45

[x] 46 [x] 47 [x] 48 [x] 49 [x] 50

[x] 51 [x] 52 [x] 53 [x] 54 [x] 55

[x] 56 [x] 57 [x] 58 [x] 59 [x] 60

[x] 61 [x] 62 [x] 63 [x] 64 [x] 65

[x] 66 [x] 67 [x] 68 [x] 69 [x] 70

[x] 71 [x] 72 [x] 73 [x] 74 [x] 75

[x] 76 [x] 77 [x] 78 [x] 79 [x] 80

[x] 81 [x] 82 [x] 83 [x] 84 [x] 85

[x] 86 [x] 87 [x] 88 [x] 89 [x] 90

[x] 91 [x] 92 [x] 93 [x] 94 [x] 95

[x] 96 [x] 97 [x] 98 [x] 99 [x] 100

(pdescobar, radicell, Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic, OrionSR, JAJ)


Photo Ops (San Fierro)


[x] 1 [x] 2 [x] 3 [x] 4 [x] 5

[x] 6 [x] 7 [x] 8 [x] 9 [x] 10

[x] 11 [x] 12 [x] 13 [x] 14 [x] 15

[x] 16 [x] 17 [x] 18 [x] 19 [x] 20

[x] 21 [x] 22 [x] 23 [x] 24 [x] 25

[x] 26 [x] 27 [x] 28 [x] 29 [x] 30

[x] 31 [x] 32 [x] 33 [x] 34 [x] 35

[x] 36 [x] 37 [x] 38 [x] 39 [x] 40

[x] 41 [x] 42 [x] 43 [x] 44 [x] 45

[x] 46 [x] 47 [x] 48 [x] 49 [x] 50




Horseshoes (Las Venturas)


[x] 1 [x] 2 [x] 3 [x] 4 [x] 5

[x] 6 [x] 7 [x] 8 [x] 9 [x] 10

[x] 11 [x] 12 [x] 13 [x] 14 [x] 15

[x] 16 [x] 17 [x] 18 [x] 19 [x] 20

[x] 21 [x] 22 [x] 23 [x] 24 [x] 25

[x] 26 [x] 27 [x] 28 [x] 29 [x] 30

[x] 31 [x] 32 [x] 33 [x] 34 [x] 35

[x] 36 [x] 37 [x] 38 [x] 39 [x] 40

[x] 41 [x] 42 [x] 43 [x] 44 [x] 45

[x] 46 [x] 47 [x] 48 [x] 49 [x] 50

(GTA Phreak, ryan92, JAJ)




[x] 1 [x] 2 [x] 3 [x] 4 [x] 5

[x] 6 [x] 7 [x] 8 [x] 9 [x] 10

[x] 11 [x] 12 [x] 13 [x] 14 [x] 15

[x] 16 [x] 17 [x] 18 [x] 19 [x] 20

[x] 21 [x] 22 [x] 23 [x] 24 [x] 25

[x] 26 [x] 27 [x] 28 [x] 29 [x] 30

[x] 31 [x] 32 [x] 33 [x] 34 [x] 35

[x] 36 [x] 37 [x] 38 [x] 39 [x] 40

[x] 41 [x] 42 [x] 43 [x] 44 [x] 45

[x] 46 [x] 47 [x] 48 [x] 49 [x] 50

(Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic, OrionSR, radicell, pdescobar, ryan92)



Assets Properties Needed [x] Zero RC Shop (girishb)

[x] Wang Auto (girishb)


[x] Verdant Meadows Airstrip (JAJ)


Safe House Locations Coordinates from map that came with the game.


Los Santos


[x]D5 - Mulholland (Necromancer.)

[x]E4 - Santa Maria Beach (pdescobar)

[x]E4 - North of Verona Beach (radicell)

[x]E5 - El Corona (Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic)

[x]E6 - Jefferson (radicell)

[x]E6 - Willow Field (pdescobar)


Red County


[x] D4 - Blueberry (ryan92)

[x] D4 - Dillimore (quartet1977)

[x] D5 - N.E. of Mulholland (Necromancer.)

[x] C6 - Palomino Creek (quartet1977)


Bone County / Tierra Robada


[x] B3 - Fort Carson (girishb)

[x] B1 - El Quebrados (girishb)

[x] B3 - Left of Kincaid Bridge (girishb)


San Fierro


[x] C1 - Palisades (girishb)

[x] C1 - China Town (girishb)

[x] C1 - Financial (girishb)

[x] C1 - Queens (girishb)

[x] C1 - Garcia (girishb)

[x] C1 - Doherty (girishb)

[x] D1 - Hashbury (girishb)


[x] E2 - Whetstone (girishb)

[x] F2 - Angel Pine (quartet1977)


Las Venturas


[x] A4 - White Wood Estates (JAJ)

[x] A5 - Prickle Pine (JAJ)

[x] A6 - Old Venturas Strip (JAJ)

[x] A6 - Creek (JAJ)

[x] B5 - North of Airport (JAJ)

[x] B5 - Pirates In Mens Pants (JAJ)

[x] B6 - The Clown's Pocket (JAJ)

[x] B6 - Camel's Toe (JAJ)

[x] B6 - Come-A-Lot (JAJ)

[x] C6 - Rockshore (JAJ)



Exported Cars
List 1 List 2 List 3
[x]Patriot (JAJ)

[x]Sanchez (JAJ)

[x]Stretch (JAJ)

[x]Feltzer (OrionSR)

[x]Remington (OrionSR)

[x]Buffalo (JAJ)

[x]Sentinel (JAJ)

[x]Infernus (JAJ)

[x]Camper (OrionSR)

[x]Admiral (OrionSR)

[x]Slamvan (OrionSR)

[x]Blista Compact (OrionSR)

[x]Stafford (OrionSR)

[x]Sabre (OrionSR)

[x]FCR 900 (OrionSR)

[x]Cheetah (OrionSR)

[x]Rancher (OrionSR)

[x]Stallion (OrionSR)

[x]Tanker (OrionSR)

[x]Comet (OrionSR)

[x]Blade (JAJ)

[x]Freeway (JAJ)

[x]Mesa (JAJ)

[x]ZR 350 (JAJ)

[x]Euros (JAJ)

[x]Banshee (JAJ)

[x]Super GT (JAJ)

[x]Journey (JAJ)

[x]Huntley (JAJ)

[x]BF Injection (JAJ)

Edited by girishb
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Mission: Starting Save

Played by: OrionSR & pdescobar

Link: <GTASnP>



Have fun!

Completion %: 0.00%

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I'll take the first turn.

Mission : Big Smoke

Called by : Naseem Srour

Link : ***Click Here***

Status : Completed

Notes :

Mission Passed!

Respect +

I'm very happy to take the first turn, this is my second round in The Chain Game smile.gif .

Completion : 0.53%

Edited by Naseem Srour
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Hey guys, I removed the "Please read" warnings from the above posts and changed the red colour codes in the opening post. Hope you guys have fun, and if all goes well, see you towards the end of this round.


@rubregg: Miss ya! inlove.gif


You'll Never Walk Alone

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Posted: Dec 2 2007, 10:44


Mission: Ryder

Called by: JAJ

Link: <GTASnP>

Status: completed


respect gained mission reward

did City Circuit LS Race Tournament race

did Burglaryl CJ has infinite sprint

Hitman for Silenced 9mm pistol & Machine Pistol

Completion %: 1.60

Edited by JAJ
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I have a doubt:

JAJ has completed a story mission, a street race and the burglary mission, all of which contribute to 100%.


the story mission = 0.54%

the street race = 0.53%

burglary mission = 0.54%

It comes to a total of 1.61%, which should take the total game progress to 2.14%.

However, the total game progress is only 1.60%.

Is this right? dontgetit.gif

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@girishb: I just fired up SA, and the completion% is showing 1.61% whatsthat.gif


I'll take a turn...


Mission: Taging up turf

Called By: ryan92

Link: Chain Game 23

Status: Complete

Completion: 2.13%

Notes: I almost completed Barnstorming then at the end of it when I was going over the SF airport I got like 5 rockets shot at me and I died.

Edited by ryan92
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...burglary mission = 0.54%...

...the total game progress is only 1.60%.

Is this right? dontgetit.gif

Burglary doesn't count towards 100% So 1.60 is the correct %.

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...burglary mission = 0.54%...

...the total game progress is only 1.60%.

Is this right? dontgetit.gif

Burglary doesn't count towards 100% So 1.60 is the correct %.

Oh yes, just noticed the same in SAMA. But then why is it included in the 100% checklist?

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Mission: Taging up turf

Called By: ryan92

Link: Chain Game 23

Status: Complete

Completion: 2.13%

Notes: I almost completed Barnstorming then at the end of it when I was going over the SF airport I got like 5 rockets shot at me and I died.

Last turn here for convience

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...burglary mission = 0.54%...

...the total game progress is only 1.60%.

Is this right? dontgetit.gif

Burglary doesn't count towards 100% So 1.60 is the correct %.

Oh yes, just noticed the same in SAMA. But then why is it included in the 100% checklist?

We include it on the checklist because the infinite sprint reward is so extremely useful that we want it done every game, even though it isn't strictly part of the "100%."


Anyhow, I'll take an early turn this time.


Mission: Cleaning the Hood

Called By: pdescobar

Link: http://gtasnp.com/6142

Status: Complete; 4.81%

Notes: See Below


A day (or 3) in the life of CJ:


Today I decided to go tagging. Damn, I musta been drunk last night or something because I went to bed last night with less than full armor. Anyway, I tagged up Ganton & Seville BLVD. Then I stopped down at the courts and played some basketball. Man, I'm outta practice; I stank it up and only got 9 points.


After doing some more tagging I saw this for sale sign and bought this cheap-ass house in Willowfield. It was only $10k and might come in handy, you know? I was hungry so I went to the pizza stack and pigged the f*ck out. That put some fat on me, but I'll work it off. Stopped by the gym and worked out then did some more tagging.


I went over by Unity Station and found this Katana out back of the 69-cent store. Well, I was tagging up the store and CRASH rolls up on me. That Mutha starts shooting when I got nothing out but a spray can! He even followed me down into flood control, but he dropped his guard and I pulled out that sword and cut that fool up. Then some punk Balla drops in and starts shootin' me. But when I turned around with the sword, he ran like a little bitch and I had to pull out the shotgun and show him how Grove St settles disputes.


I jacked some mark's car and went over to Ocean Docks & the airport to spray some more tags, then headed to the beach for a bit. After working out on the beach and getting a hot dog I strolled over near the police station and saw a help wanted sign. So I did this delivery job at Roboi's Market on a bike. It was kinda boring, but easy and I'm like halfway to being a cycling master now. Even better, I don't know what was in them packages but I made enough cash to buy this sweet beach house and I can even go back there and get more money later.


Anyhow, I did some more tagging and this jackass comes up and tells me I stink! I'm wearing the greens, fool! Well, you know what happened -- I pulled out that sword and chopped that bitch up. Anyhow, I went back to the gym and worked out some more and this guy there said he was some kinda fighting expert. Heh. I kicked his ass real quick and so he showed me some new LS-style fighting moves. Then I worked out a bit more and had some more pizza before heading home.


Well the light was on at Sweet's place and I stopped in; Ryder was there and me and him went Cleaning the Hood. This crack dealer pulled a bat on me, but I still got my sword so you know how that turned out. Then we went over to the crack den and gave them more of the same. Man, with all this fighting and working out and running around Santos spraying tags (done 33 of them now) I'm up to like 75% muscle and has me pretty tired. So I got some fresh armor and hit the bed.

Edited by pdescobar
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I'll take a turn



Done by: radicell



Mission passed, $200, respect

Little Loop street race done, $10000

Sprayed 4 more tags

Bought the Jefferson safehouse


Link: http://gtasnp.com/6143

Percentage: 6.42%

Edited by radicell
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Mission: None

Called By: Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic

Status: Completed; 6.95%

Link: Chain Game: Round 23



  • Bought the Verdant Bluffs safehouse.
  • Did around 8 tags. Sorry but I didn't check back again.
  • I collected the 3 oysters scattered around Palomino Creek.
  • My stamina has increased. tounge.gif
  • My muscle has increased. CJ is now ripped.
  • CJ has some new clothes.
  • Saved at the Verdant Bluffs safehouse.
Edited by Stefan Matovic Cvetkovic
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Woohoo!!Glad to hear those stupid barriers are no more.. colgate.gif

It's me up next!!


Forfeit!!Got wasted while getting back from LV.Still haven't quite got the 4-star playing right. dontgetit.gif

Edited by Necromancer.
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I'll take another turn.

Mission : Nines and ak's

Called by : Naseem Srour

Link : ***Click Here***

Status : Completed

Notes :

Mission Passed!

Respect +

You can visit Emmet's at any time to get a gun.

Completion : 7.49%

Edited by Naseem Srour
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I'll take a turn



Mission: Drive-By


Called by: jaj's brother


Link: http://gtasnp.com/6152


Status: Mission Passed!


Completion: 8.02%


Notes: $500, Respect +

Gangster Level-SMG





Edited by jaj's brother
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My Turn.

Mission: Sweet's Girl

Called by: OrionSR

Link: <GTASnP>

Status: completed


  • I swear I'm going to kill that Ryder someday. He says he's got a job for me but the bastard sleeps in until noon and then is gone all night long. I stayed up really late spraying some of those
gang tags Sweet's been on about so hopefully I'll be waking up about the same time as Ryder. Damn I'm tired, I can't remember when I slept last.


Oh, yeah I do. It was after I took that job as a Paramedic in a strange little town up north. When I signed up I was expecting a crash course in doctoring, but they've got these strange Vermilion Ambulances that fix up anyone when they get out. All I had to do was race all over the countryside, pick people up, and bring them back to the clinic before they get out so they can be charged. The pay wasn't bad, but the hours are terrible. The shifts run for days, and they don't give you a break for food or anything. I probably would have starved if I didn't pick up a bunch of snacks before starting the job. And then when I finally started to make some big money I got laid off. It sounded a lot like getting fired but they said I can come back again anytime as long as I started all over again. I guess the best thing about the job was I got fixed up by that Vermilion Ambulance too, I've never felt so health. Yeah, I slept like a rock that night.


One of the guys I rescued gave me a couple of maps. Among other things, one of the maps shows the secret locations of oysters hidden all over San Andreas. I stole a couple of boats to check them out and sure enough found 27 of them, just where they were marked. I've got 30 in my collection now. However, there's a Turismo marked on the other map not far from my house, but I can't figure out how to get to it.

Completion %: 9.09% Edited by OrionSR
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I'll take a turn

Mission: OG Loc

Called by: JAJ

Link: <GTASnP>

Status: completed


respect gained mission reward

sprayed the remaining tags

Completion %: 10.16%

Edited by JAJ
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I'll have a go............


Caled By: girishb

Link: **Click Here**

Status: Complete

Notes: Mission Passed!



Completion: 10.70%


Edited by girishb
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I'll take a turn..



Done by: radicell



Races passed, $30000 reward total

Completed BMX challenge, 1:59

Bought Verona Beach safehouse

Collected 2 more oysters

Bike Skill +, Driving Skill +


Link: http://gtasnp.com/6161

Percentage: 13.37%

Edited by radicell
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Um... radicell. Just so you know, the rules have changed on us. But even though I knew this was in there, I had to hunt for a while to find it. Ever since PD opened up the races early the 4 star races have been fairly popular, and since we have all game to complete them instead of squeezing them all in at the end, our racing quota has been reduced. I think this is a good change, but CG Vets might have missed it.



--> You can do up to 3 races if you don't do a Named Mission as well.

--> You can do up to 1 races if you also do a Named Mission.


I wouldn't worry about it much, you didn't do any of the 4 star races.

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My turn now.

Mission : Running dog

Called by : Naseem Srour

Link : ***Click Here***

Status : Completed

Notes :

Mission Passed!

Respect +

Completion : 13.90%

Edited by Naseem Srour
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OrionSR: I've read these new race rules before.



--> You can do up to 3 races if you don't do a Named Mission as well.


If my turn was a violation of the rules because BMX Challenge counts as a "Named Mission", I apologize. I had previously thought the rule said "story mission".

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--> You can do up to 3 races if you don't do a Named Mission as well.


If my turn was a violation of the rules because BMX Challenge counts as a "Named Mission", I apologize. I had previously thought the rule said "story mission".

BMX Challenge isn't exempted from the Named Mission rule, so it counts as a Named Mission. Anyways, I hope there isn't further confusion. This time we'll overlook it, but let's stick to the rules from next time onwards.

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