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Missions and Music


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One of my favorite things in Vice City was the approach of putting music into some of their cutscenes. It added to the "Movie" effect that the game seemed to have and it helped create what I thought was the best story in GTA series and my favorite story in any video game. What I've been thinking about is whether it would be cool or not R* would ever consider putting music inside a mission, and not just a cutscene.


One mission I've always wanted to have was getting raided by the cops in an apartment and having to find a way to escape, and the song I've always hoped would go with it is ATF by DMX...take a listen and let me know what you think...it's a quick song with no chorus, but the lyrics definitely go with a situation you could find yourself in while playing GTA. Since it's such a fast song, maybe they could just have the beat going sometimes and lyrics at other points.




The way R* could set it up would have the begining of the song playing with the cutscene of Police arriving outside your apartment. It would have to be a dark and gloomy day (so it would be a mission that automatically makes it a certain time of day), maybe with puddles on the ground from a fresh rain. The bells in the song could be portrayed by a nearby church which would be shown as the Police set up around your hideout...then the mission would begin as the song begins: BOOM BOOM BOOM "Open the door ATF!" And you would be off on your attempted escape, shooting and driving your way to freedom.


Perhaps if Niko's cousin, Roman, is to die, this could be the mission it happens on. During your escape, you and Roman somehow get seperated, and after you get away from the Police, the game could go into a cutscene of Roman, shooting it out with the Police and perhaps maybe one accomplice or two. The final few lines of the song when DMX is talking about getting killed could turn into a beautifully detailed cutscene of Roman's demise, which would send you on an ultimate mission of revenge on the people who snitched you out.


Before getting revenge on the person who is responsible for your cousins death, you let him know, "I'M THE ONE WHO SURVIVED!"

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Don Garcia aka NjNakedSnake

Nah, I see where you're going, but to me, that'd feel too much like True Crime.


They should stick with putting music in cutscenes, not actual gameplay. I loved the early cutscene in VC when you went to see Kent Paul at the club and "Keep Feeling Fascination" was playing...so cool.


But not in gameplay, that's for linear games, not free.roams.

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Yea I understand what you're saying, it'd be tough to sync up the music to sound correct with the actual mission since there are so many possibile ways you can go about finishing your mission. I think it would be a legit mission idea though, aside from the music, what do you think? It seems like a ridiculous amount of missions are just criminal-on-criminal crime, where you're trying to break into warehouses or something...I think the idea of being set up by the police for a thrilling getaway would work well and would be a little bit different than other missions, since your only motive is to get away. It always annoyed me in San Andreas that when Sweet gets shot and you're there killing tons of Ballas, and then the cops show up and everyone just throws up their hands.

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