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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.
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Add shadows and light FX to your models

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Today, i will show you how to add some shadows,... i will teach how to put lighting effects on your models, this is very cool, you can use it to make your cars look cool and more realistic than only letting the game doing that (some MODs make good effects, but sometimes they don't work for all) so let's start.


As this Tutorial is a little bit long, some pics may no load the first time, if you see that sh*t of "user posted image" reload so the image becomes available, if the pic still unavailable, please let me know to put some madrazos at the source of the images





i will use a low poly vehicle, i will call him... MilkyShip, it's previusly unwraped, and as i said is low poly, the process will be more like my other tutorial, maybe you want to see the basis first -This explain more detailed the use of Render To Texture Option -so by this way we will put some nice effect.

so, we have the vehicle at first.


user posted image


As i said in my other tutorial, the basis to know about of shading is that even more Vertex more detailed will be the model, this is important, we just want more detail in the surface, to see what effect the model have, lets put an smooth modiffier, otherwise we just see only saqured shadows over our model, avoid too edit your model as much as you can, the only physic adjust that we will make after smooth is the one to add more faces, go to your modifier panel and look for "SUBDIVIDE" modifier, then put the lowest value you can, avoid too to overload your pc, so put some fair value (i will dissable for now textures and smooth for you to see how many polys have now).



user posted image



See? the polycount had increased in a bastard way!!! Now, why we do this? well this effect is very linked to some function named "Vertex Paint", this mean :


Less Vertex = Less Detail

More Vertex = More detail


if you want your model to have poor detail to look like N64 graphic just leave the model without modifiers, we that love hi-res textures will continue with our model divided. Activate again your smooth modifier and add some lights so the model looks well balannced, poor light means dark textures and to much light will cause a override and the model will look to messed (the illumination comes too from the material library, so watch carefully your settings), after have the light in place, lets apply the light advanced option, go to your render panel and go to the tab of Advanced light, chose the "Radiosity" plugin and press "Start" (enable textures), if you don't liked the way it looks, press "reset all" button, change lights and when ready, press again "Start" button.



Here we have the model before the Radiosity plugin:

user posted image


After apply the radiosity process

user posted image





Don't worry if after the proces the model looks messed, for me the model after render looked cool, but i wanted to show you when they don't look, as you can see, if you quick-render your model, it'll be still cool, at this point the shadow is not officially drawed over the skin, it is on the model, but not in the skin, the next step is turn off or delete the "subdivide" modifier, why? because we want our model low-poly, and the shadow has been rendered as if the model had many vertexes, and too and this is important BECAUSE "RENDER-TO-TEXTURE" USES UV UNWRAP!!!, so let's forget about the subdivider, go to your main menu and chose Render option, and in submenu selec "render to texture" and then select your car making click on the viewport.



user posted image



Don't worry again if your model in viewport change, if it don't change on quick render all is alright. now scroll down your Render-To-Texture panel, you will see the "Output" belt, you will see that below is an "Add..." button, select "CompleteMap":



user posted image



Then we will have to chose a Target Map Slot, this is the place were the map will go, so let's choice "Diffuse Color", then let's choice a name and a format for our model, for 3D Shapes i always use .tga maps and i will name it... "Sheronandshingol" if you imput this on name field, the File name and type fiel will change automatic in this order |object name|/|name of the map|. finally let's choise a resolution, my favorite is 512 (512 x 512), is not low and neither to high in file size, if you want to experiment with values below you can, but not before of this, i'll show you what you must have before press the Render button.



user posted image



Now press the render button....



user posted image



Now you have your model rendered, first, it's Unwraped again, second you get a new texture, The Sheronandshingol map where all the shadows effects where blended and baked with the original texture (that still untouched), this must be the end... but i will ask you something... how do you will use it? of course you don't know, that's why i'm here!!, for now delete all the sources of light and go to your render panel and "reset all" in readiosity plugin or just disable it.


then, with your model selected, open you Material Panel, and press the "Get Material" button, in the sources press "selected" refering to the model you had selected, then in an empty slot, double click in the "Shell Material" that is parent or the only of the scene



user posted image



The new material is composed of two submaterials, the original and the baked, we want to see in both modes, viewport and quickrender the new material so chose both for that material. now render the scene.



user posted image



the effects are now again in the new skin, and since the model is Unwraped you can import again the sheronandshingol material as a new one and replace the Shell material, if you know how Unwrap UV works the rest is up to you.





any question, feel free to ask for help, if more than one demands it, i will post belo how to use the new baked as standerd material

Edited by H13N.H3N

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Nice tut icon14.gif Helps me get to understand 3ds max!

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Nice tut icon14.gif Helps me get to understand 3ds max!

thnks!!, that's the idea, Learn - Teach. if u do some nice with this please show me, it'll be cool

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Please, i used this tut (of course as my own knowledge) to make the Kuruma 2007-CX.



user posted image


When i mapped the body i completely forgot to put around here that you must make channel material changes, i can still teach u all how to make this third part, but only if someone around here want it, because i assume that you all have the basis knowledge of Mapping, UV Unwrap Mapping and Channel Mapping



user posted image

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