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Beatie Boys!


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I think it's obvious what music will be in the 3rd trailer.


New York's very own!

The Beatie Boys!



High Five!



OH NO high fives derek


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"Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!"

"W-wh-w-wh-what's it all about?"


I'd love the Beastie Boys to feature either in the trailer or in the game, but I think we'll get less mainstream music as we have with the other two GTA IV trailers. Keep dreaming though eh? smile.gif

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True, but this trailer is for the money. This is the one we'll probably see on TV. So I imagine they'll go with something to grab everyone's attention. So that when your in another room of the house, you'll rush out to see why you hear the Beastie Boys playing TV.

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