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Manny Karpio's rising life


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Warning! GTA 3 Spoilers in the writing


[/font]Biography on Main character:[/u]

Name:Manioli Karpio aka Manny









New "friends"




3:20 a.m-


"We have arrived at your location" spoke the Asian taxi-driver.

"Thank you sir,how much is it?" questioned Manny Karpio.

"Lets leave it at $56.00 I'm feeling nice today,now get the F*ck out of my car and get movin!"


Manny left the cab,he was an almost typical resident in the over-crowded Liberty city, Coming back from his job as a bar tender at Sex Club 7. He was extremely tired from the night of flipping bottles and pouring shots.


Walking towards his apartment,a group of three young men "part of a well known neighborhood gang" smoked cannabis on the front steps. Manny passed the group in a quickened pace as to avoid any sort of confrontation with them. As Manny made it to the apartment door, the taller one of the group a boy about 6'3 weighing about a good 200 pounds decided to make a move to show his "toughness".


"Hey ya old bitch! Where tha F*ck ya goin?"- exclaimed the boy.


Manny ignored the comment,walking up the steps to his room, he could hear the kids taunting him. 3 flights of stairs later he arrived and unlocked his door. Putting his coat up on the hanger he went into the bathroom of his rugged apartment to take a shower,25 minutes later he was drained out as he retired to bed.


Manny woke up at 12:05 p.m,after washing his face and getting into an old pair of khakis and a nice black dress shirt. He walked into the living room to watch t.v, turning it on he heard shocking news


" Today we are very saddened and regret that we have to give this news out,A man who has dedicated so much to this city and donated thousands of dollars in donations to charity..........Last night at 4:55, Salvatore Leone was assassinated by a sniper. Witnesses have stated"

"I was in front of Sex Club Seven when a shot suddenly rang out!, as the body guards covered attempted to cover Mr. Leone his limp body slumped onto the floor"


Manny felt a little troubled about the situation because now with this assassination.It was an almost certain chance that his "co-workers" were going to start a war. His boss Luigi " the owner of Sex Club" was an extremely close friend of Salvatore Leone soon he knew, soon their would be retaliation...........




Well thats the first part of my story and Constructive criticism is very welcomed. icon14.gificon13.gif ?







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