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Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. Chairman Strauss Zelnick, head of a new management team, said on Monday he prefers to run the publisher of the hit Grand Theft Auto video game series rather than sell it.


"I'm much more interested in growing the business than in selling it, to be clear," Zelnick told the Reuters Media Summit. "I would say for the next five to seven years this is a terrific time to be in the video game business."


Zelnick said the next installment of Grand Theft Auto was benefiting from a delay in its release date from October to next spring. "I believe this release, Grand Theft Auto IV, is going to be vastly better than those expectations -- vastly better -- and that's hard to do when expectations are so high," he said.


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well, i was expecting it to be vastly better than what i expected, so they better make it vastly better than that...

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