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GTA BLue City


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Hi after spending a lot of time reading the forums and reading The Heart city stories and being deeply impressed (good on yah tony)I decided to have my own crack at writing a GTA script style game now this isn’t going to be a half baked attempt this has been well thought out and well here you go. Please read and comment


GTA Blue City





The year is 2007. Blue City is a drug torn mess as gangs of killers viciously fight each other for control of the Drugs trade. Our story starts off with Adam Pierce a small time thug out to make it big. Working for numerous bosses from Drug Kingpins to Shady Mafioso types. Adam must work his way up the criminal ladder to survive and to ultimately get the one thing he wants...Money


Blue City has around 6 main districts and all of them are not linked by bridges and are accesible since the beggining of the game but chances are you wont get out of the first few much given as theres not much there until later game.


The first district you start the game off in is The Industrial District, Factorys and warehouses along with low rent apartments litter the place and Crack heads consist of most of the population here. The industrial district is infamous for Drug and gang related crime


The second District is the Warehouse District and is the smallest of all the districts it is around two or three landfills about twenty or so warehouses and most of Blue City Port. This is where Drugs are mainly smuggled in and the warehouse District is infamous for storing weapons drugs and worse


The third district is the Slums. The slums is the largest district and is rife with Disease,Muggers and Poverty. Most of the slums are run by either Westside Ressurection or 16th street


The fourth district is Downtown. Downtown is the richest and most succesful area of Blue city and is filled with Druglords and Corrupt Businessman


The fifth district is the Redlight District. It lives up to its name and the streets are lined with hookers and rentboys ready to suck dick for cash


The sixth and final district of Blue City is Oakland and is a small town just on the outside of Blue city where most people go to get rid of some unwanted heat or to lay low for a while






Adam Pierce-Our protagonist he only works for money and has very loose morals. The story starts off with him being a small-time thug for a Criminal Boss known as Mike. Adam is medium build and is pale and unshaven. He has short spiky black hair


Mike Jones-Mike is in ways Jimmy’s under boss, He is medium build and wears a battered leather jacket and shades. He has long greasy blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. He is your 1st boss in the game


Jimmy-Jimmy is based on the Character Marsellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction and runs a Strip Club which is a front for his heroin business. He is utterly ruthless but at the same time very smooth. His gang is currently in a drugs war with the Jamaicans.


Andres-Andres is the middle man in Jimmys drugs operation. He smuggles in the product and in turn gets a nice slice of the profit


King Gabriel-King Gabriel is a Jamaican Warlord and currently runs the Jamaican Operations in Blue City


Police Officer Zack Mills-Zack is a shady corrupt policeman who is trying to clen up the streets in "his own way". Zack is known to use smalltime criminals to take out bigger crimelords and is notoriously infamous on the streets. He is middleaged and very manipulative


Enrique-Enrique is a small character im working on who is Andres main thug



These are the current characters so far however more will be added as the script progresses.

Edited by Love.Life

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Here is the current list of gangs so far


Russian Mafia

The Russian mafia is run by Don Andrei Diminitrov.. Unlike most mafias there arn't many members in it. There is of course Andrei¡¦s under bosses and a few made men and wise guys however they hire local thugs to do there dirty work

Weapons-Colt pythons and AK-47¡¦s

Members wear Grey and Black suits and have slicked back black hair




Jimmies Drugs gang

To be true its not much of a gang. Most of the people who work for jimmy are Drug Dealers or petty thugs

Weapons-knives and 9mm

Members wear Tracksuit jackets and Jeans and have short light brown hair


Turf-Industrial District



Run by King Gabriel the Jamaican drugs gang are one of the most violent in Blue City

Weapons-machetes and Mac 10¡¦s

Members wear White vests with Camoflauge trousers and are Dreadlocked. They are often seen smoking spliffs and flashing cash


Turf-Industrial District and Downtown


Colombians (Cocaine Cowboys)

The Colombians are a Ruthless Drugs gang operating in Blue City

Members wear Red or Blue Hawain shirts and have slicked back black hair and wear jeans

Weapons-9mms and Mac 10¡¦s


Turf-Warehouse and Industrial District


Westside Ressurection

Westside Ressurection is one of the largest street gangs in Blue. Members wear Blue Basket ball shirts and Tracksuit bottoms




16th Street Players

16th Street players are based on the real El Salvadorian gang 18th Street. Members wear Red Basket ball shirts and tracksuit bottoms and most members are armed with 9mms




I know theres not many gangs at all so far but these are the main few in the game although there will be more smaller gangs along the way

Edited by Love.Life

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I will be following this once you post the first mission up. A few spelling and grammar errors here and there, but besides that. You have my support. icon14.gif I am an avid fan of Tony's gamescripts, so I'll be keeping an eye out for this one.

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Thanks for the compliments (Y)




Radio 66.6


Hosted by DJ Mazzer

Rammstein-Ich Will

Marilyn Manson-Cake and Sodomy

Trivium-Dying in your arms

Metallica-Master of puppets

Disturbed-10000 fists



Radio Freeload

Rap and Hip Hop

DJ Jizz and DJ Jism


Kanye West-Goldigger

Rhianna-Under my Umberella

Incubus-Battle star Scratchlactica

Gorillaz-Clint Eastwood


BC Dance Radio

Dance and Drum n Bass

DJ Nebula

Aphex Twin-Vordhosbn

Chemical Brothers-Hold tight London

Calvin Harris-Acceptable in the 80s

Prodigy-Voodoo People

Daft Punk-Television rules the Nation

MIA-Come around

Jamiroquai-feels just like it should

Aphex Twin-Come to daddy(pappy mix)



Radio Zest 3.5


DJ Spasm44

Incubus-Pardon me

Artic monkeys-Adolescent Flurescent


NIN-Right where it belongs


BC Talk Radio

Talk Radio




Here’s the radio stations sorry there’s so few but you got to realise this will all be added upon later on


I hear color and see sound

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Desert eagle

Colt python











Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifle(standard)







Melee (all melee weapons are found outside of gun shops or illegal gun runners will sell them)










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Really, who cares about all this introductory stuff? You're not actually designing a game.


Get on with the story (even though it is only a script, yuck).

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Ok I always thought interductory stuff was good as it gives some foundation and back-story but anyway on with the script




Dope Dealers


Cut scene


Its late evening and there’s a slight rain. A black Admiral is seen driving and the camera angle zooms inside to show our protagantonist Adam Pierce driving the car


A voice monologue starts up showing Adams thoughts


Adam: They always say money can’t buy you everything, but in my world it can. Drugs, Hookers, Guns these are all the tools of success in my life. Now I’m gonna be straight with you I’ve done bad things. I’ve killed people, I’ve sold drugs hell I’ve even smoked weed a few times but does this make me a bad person, well only the big man upstairs can decide that.


The monologue cuts off and Adam drives the car to a stop outside a battered apartment. Adam sounds the horn and a man in a dirty leather jacket with greasy blonde hair in a ponytail walks out the apartment entrance


Mike: Adam my main man


Adam: Hey man look you called me and said you needed a lift somewhere


Mike: To right I did man. Now look a small gang of Jamaican drug dealers have been selling dope on our turf of course we’ve asked em to stop but the bastards aint listening. Hopefully this will get our message across


Mike draws a 9m from his jacket and flashes it


Mike: now come on drive


End Cut scene


You start off outside Mike’s apartment and a message flashes on screen telling you how to enter and drive a car e.g. Triangle to enter X to accelerate Square to break etc


Enter the Admiral and Mike will follow you. Once in the Admiral a blip will appear on the map for the dealer’s apartment. Drive to it and try not to smash your car up to much


Once there a Cut scene will roll


Cut scene


Mike gets out the car and draws his 9mm clicking the safety off. Mike strolls into the apartment block and down the hallway before standing outside the dealer’s door. The camera angle changes to back outside the apartment showing Adams car. There’s silence then you’ll hear gunshots followed by screams. Mike runs out the Apartment with two Jamaicans shooting at him armed with 9’s


Mike: sh*t those bastards were armed. Quick drive!


End Cut scene


A blip appears for Mikes apartment and you have to drive to it quickly. Jamaicans will be chasing you in there gang cars trying to shoot at you and Mike. If the Jamaicans get to close Mike will lean out and open fire on them but as it’s the first mission you won’t be getting to much hassle. Stop the car in the blip outside Mikes apartment and a cut scene will roll


Cut scene

Mike: Thanks man you were a real help back there. Oh and before I forget here’s some cash for a job well done


End Cut scene

Mission passed $50 reward


A message will now appear on screen saying you can use mikes apartment as a safe house and that you can store one vehicle in his garage also a M sign will appear on the map by the Apartment signalling missions for Mike.

Edited by Love.Life

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Ok I always thought interductory stuff was good as it gives some foundation and back-story but anyway on with the script

Don't be misguided. Weapons lists and radio stations are pointless; they do not add back-story.

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if you dont like it then do please feel free not to read it also i said FOUNDATION and backstory also i dunno i just find it fun writing stuff out like that lol

I hear color and see sound

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Ok  I always thought interductory stuff was good as it gives some foundation and back-story but  anyway on with the script

Don't be misguided. Weapons lists and radio stations are pointless; they do not add back-story.

The weapons list does provide us with info. on the firearms and melee weapons. Great cutsecenes to say the least brah! icon14.gif

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Thanks man (Y)


Walk into the marker to start the second mission


Machete Madness




The camera shows the inside of Mike’s apartment and Mike himself is lying across the sofa watching TV. He gets up when Adam arrives


Mike: Hey man that was some pretty sweet driving you did back there but the next job I’ve got for you is a little…how should I say “hands on”


Adam: What do you mean?


Mike: Well some lowlife owes me some money...ten grand to be precise


Adam: sh*t…


Mike: Yeah and the thing is it’s been two weeks since the deadline for the money and the Bastard still aint coughing up sooo


Adam: Sooo you want me to go over to his place find the money and if aint got it to kill him right?


Mike: Yeh you sorta got the jist of how things roll here


Adam: Aight see ya


Mike: Oooh wait you’ll need this


Mike hands Adam a Machete and Adam walks out as the screen fades to Black

End Cut scene


You start off outside Mikes Apartment and there’s a blip on the radar for the “lowlifes Apartment”. Jack a car and drive over to it. Once there a cut scene will roll


Cut scene


Adam is seen exiting his vehicle and entering the apartment


End Cut scene


Once inside blips on the radar will appear for any places where the money might be hidden e.g. inside a mattress etc. Your goal is simple go to each of the blips on the radar and smash up the furniture there using the Machete Mike gave you. Once this is completed a cut scene will roll


Cut scene


The door opens and 3 men walk in


Man1: Anyways I say babe I love you but I aint eating your sh*t…


There’s silence as the 3 men notice Adam


Adam: Mike wants his money Dickhead


Man1: sh*t it’s one of Mike’s goons I’m getting outta here. Boys kill him


He runs off an the cut scene fades to game play

End Cut scene


The other two men will run towards you but they should be easy to waste as they only have fists and you have a Machete. Once there killed exit the Apartment and a blip for the “low life” will appear. He’ll only be running on foot so he wont of got very far. Run up behind him and hack at him with your Machetes till he’s dead. Once that’s done a cut scene will roll


Cut Scene


Adam is panting slightly and his phone starts to ring he answers it


Mike: Adam is it done?


Adam: Yeh but the lil bitch didn’t have your money. I couldn’t find it anywhere sorry man


Mike(slight pause):… Aight don’t worry has he got anything worth taking


Adam: Dunno ill check


The camera pans around the screen and stops on the view of a White Infernus


Adam: sh*t we hit the jackpot


Mike: Wha what is it?


Adam: Looks like he spent your money on a car haha. You want it taken to your lockup


Mike: Yeh man thanks.


Adam: haha no problem


End Cut scene


A blip will appear on the map for Mike’s lockup. Drive the car there and make sure not to smash it up otherwise you’ll get an onscreen message telling you to get to the nearest Pay ‘n’ Spray. Once at the lockup you’ll have passed the mission


Mission passed


Edited by Love.Life

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Walk into the M marker to start the third mission for Mike


Weed Wars


Cut scene


Adam catches Mike heading out of the apartment and Mike looks worried


Adam: What’s wrong man?


Mike (heading over to his white infernus): It’s those bastard Jamaicans that’s what.


Adam: What do ya mean?


Mike: Aight, I sent two boys over to a warehouse to get a Van stashed to the brim with weed and somehow these black bitches found out and ambushed em I talked ma boys on the phone and I dunno how long they can hold out for


Adam: Can I help?


Mike: Ye but you’ll need this


Mike chucks Adam a 9mm and they both get in the car


End Cut scene


There’s a blip on the radar for the warehouse where the shootouts’ going on and two health bars will appear on screen indicating both of mikes “boys”. The reason for the infernus in the last mission is so in this one you can get to the warehouse quickly and fairly easily (that is if you don’t crash). You’ll probably have to be driving quite fast for this mission as the Health bars are dropping rapidly. Once there a cut scene will roll


Cut scene


Mikes Men are taking cover by the van and some Crates left in the warehouse and there is currently 5 Jamaicans shooting at them


End Cut scene


The Jamaicans should be quite easy to waste and you needn’t worry about Mikes men’s health any more as once you arrive all the Jamaicans will concentrate there fire on you. Once all the Jamaicans are dead a cut scene will start


Cut scene


A white transit Van skids round the corner of a road and smashes through one of the warehouse walls scattering crates. 5 Jamaicans will get out each armed with 9mms however the driver is armed with a Shotgun


End Cut scene


Waste the Jamaican with a shotgun first then either using the rest of the 9mm ammo or taking the shot gun waste the rest of the Jamaicans. Once you’ve completed this there’ll be one more Cut scene then the mission will have been passed


Cut scene


Both of Mike’s men get into the Van and Mike gives you a bundle of cash


Mike: Here’s for a job well done


Mike then drives off leaving you in the middle of the warehouse without a ride


End Cut scene


Mission passed



Once you pass the mission if you listen to the radio stations you'll hear a news report on a vicious gun battle between rival Drugs gangs in the Warehouse District

Edited by Love.Life

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Hey love life, you have an awsom story, I really like it but I have a quick question. Are you gonna give titles to each of the missions just like alot of other people do and just like the GTA games? If yes when and if no why?

Sometimes things wont go down so easily!


Evil never dies! (Under heavy construction)

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Good mission, I'm enjoying reading this.


Also, how come the missions have no names? Like stated above ^^.

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@tony and longkissgoodnight i just updated and added mission names. SOrry there not that creative but there the first things that came to mind if you have any better ideas do please tell smile.gif

I hear color and see sound

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I like this a lot! Hope you write a lot more.

I don't think there's anything wrong with the mission names, they're catchy.

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thanks for the positive response




Walk into the M marker for the 4th mission


Jamaican Drive-buy


Cut scene


Mike is seen smoking the ends of a Joint outside his apartment and stubs it out as Adam approaches


Mike: Hey hey


Adam: Hey man what’s new?


Mike: Nothing apart from those bastard drug dealers


Adam: Jamaicans still giving you trouble?


Mike: Dam right they are I mean who do they even think they are I mean the easiest way to say it is that the Drugs industry is like a fast food chain ya know you have the thugs at the bottom on low pay just like the spotty teenager working nightshifts to buy rubbers and porn. Then you have the Big shots at the top like Ronald f*cking McDonald ya know. I am RONALD MC DONALD and these f*ckers are like the motherf*cking teenager who works 9-5 in Taco bell I mean come on how low are they.


Adam (slightly weirded out): Uh yeh there uh… the lowest of the low


Mike: Anyway lets cut the sh*t. Your gonna get yourself tooled up at Bobs ammunition truck just round the block. Don’t worry I’ve got you an Uzi. Then I’m gonna pick you up we’re gonna go into these niggas turf an waste em F*CKING WASTE EM.


End cut scene


A blip appears on the radar for Bob’s ammunition truck. It’s hidden in an alleyway and once you get up to it a marker will appear. Walk into it to buy the Uzi. Don’t worry Uzis usually cost you $350 but Mikes already bought you this one. Once you’ve bought an Uzi

A cut scene will roll


Cut scene


Mike drives up to Adam who’s standing on the side of the pavement. Adam gets in and the Mike drives off as the cut scene fades to game play.


End cut scene


The mission is in the same view as Jive Drive from VCS e.g. 3rd person with a manual aim site around the screen. You’ll be armed with infinite ammo for the Uzi and Mike will be driving pretty slowly around the Jamaicans “turf”. The car will have a life bar and luckily it can take quite a bit of punishment before you have to start seriously worrying about it. Jamaicans will be spawning everywhere from club entrances to parked cars by the side of the road to gangs hanging around the street. Your mission is to kill twenty or more within two minutes and after you’ve killed twenty every extra Jamaican will get you an extra $50 reward. Once you’ve wasted 20 or more Jamaicans a cut scene will roll


Cut scene


Mike: sh*t man you were on fire there hahahah when you do sh*t like that it reminds me of why I hired you in the first place. \but yeh anyways cya later


Adam steps out the car and Mike drives off


End Cut scene


Mission complete

Reward $500 +


Once you’ve completed this mission a message will appear saying you can buy 9mm,Uzis ,Knives and Molotov’s from Bobs Gun truck

I hear color and see sound

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Head into the M marker for the second to last mission for Mike


Whacking a Warlord


Cut scene


Adam walks into Mikes apartment and finds him sitting glumly on the sofa drinking Jack Daniels


Mike: We gotta finish this


Adam: Finish what..?


Mike: The f*cking Jamaicans what do you think


Adam: What’s happened now?


Mike: I sent 3 boys to pick up a shipment of Heroin coming in for Jimmy…


Adam: Hey hey slow down whose Jimmy?


Mike: He’s my boss. He runs a Club in Downtown and it’s a front for his Heroin Business. I’m his under boss his right hand man if you will


Adam: Aight kk do go on


Mike: Anyways the Bastards ambushed my boy’s. Totally wiped the floor with em and took off with around 3 vans stashed with Grade A heroin. Jimmies pissed and the Jamaicans are laughing at him…and me. So to be totally honest I’ve just had enough of this sh*t. However there’s a club at the edge of Blue City docks. Big hit with Crack heads. Some Jamaican Warlord owns it and I want you to go over there and whack him ya dig.


Adam walks off.


End Cut scene


There’s a blip on the radar for the club. Get yourself tooled up if needs be at Bobs ammunition truck before jacking a car and heading over there. Once at the Club a cut scene will roll


Cut scene


The clubs packed with people dancing to Hardcore Club land music and a few are snorting Ketamine and taking Ecstasy. Adam walks in and the camera angle pans across the Club before focusing on a small gang of Jamaicans.

End Cut scene


There’s 5 Jamaicans armed with Uzi’s. Take em out. Once you’ve shot the first few the rest will retaliate. Take cover in the crowd of dancers if need be and fight them off from there. Once that’s done 5 more Jamaicans armed with Uzi’s will run in. Unfortunately for you most of the dancers will be dead or crouching on the floor so you don’t have much cover so you’ll have to waste all 5 pretty quickly to avoid maximum damage. Once that’s done a cut scene will roll


Cut scene


Adam walks over to a dying Jamaican and sticks a 9mm (even if you didn’t have 1) in his gun shot wound.


Adam: Where’s your bitch of a warlord?


Dying Jamaican(coughing up blood): He’s in the back room aaargh sh*t im losing blood. Loo..ook man please don’t shoot me come on.


Adam shoots him and walks into the backroom


In the Backroom the Jamaican Warlord is snorting Cocaine just as Adam walks in


Warlord: Who the f*ck are you. You’re not allowed in here


Adam draws an Uzi and lets off a couple of Rounds into the Warlord making him jerk back in his seat. adam walks over to the Dying Warlord and aims the Uzi at his face


Adam: Any last words


Warlord (Clutching his bleeding chest): f*ck you


Adam then sprays the Warlord with bullets and walks out the club quite calmly.


End Cut scene


Mission passed



Once you've finished the mission you'll have a 3 star wanted level so lose it by getting police bribes or at the nearest pay n spray

Edited by Love.Life

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lol two new missions and no replys lol i dont wanna bump this post or anything but you know i do like positive and negative response from you guys

I hear color and see sound

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Give people a chance to reply; it takes a while sometimes.


I'm still reading, but making the main character racist is a bit weird lol. Also, Weetabix? bored.gif What the f*ck, lol. Don't make this start getting silly now.

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ok thanks for the response tony . Ill change the weetabix bit as that is a bit silly and im sorry these last few missions were a dissapointment for you.


@ the Racist bit. Yes the main character is racist and this may of upset a few people i was trying a bit to hard to flesh Adam up eg make him have good(if any) and bad qualitys to make him seem more realistic but i obviously failed and was getting the wrong idea.


I personally am not a racist and i dont want to argue with you tony as you are in ways my WD hero lol but i obviously screwed up and it wont happen again



Edited by Love.Life

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Walk into the M marker for Mike last mission


Drug Deal


Cut scene


Mike is outside his Apartment building chatting to a Large Black guy in a Black Suit. Mike goes to talk to Adam but the Black guy interrupts him


Jimmy: Your Adam right. My boy Mike here has told me a lot about you. Come round my club sometime I might have some work for you. Names Jimmy by the way.


Adam: Aight thanks.


Jimmy walks off and Mike walks over to Adam.


Mike: Aight before you go off shooting people for my boss I got one more job for you


Adam: What is it?


Mike: It’s pretty simple. I just need you to be Muscle at a Drug Deal that’s going down. Don’t worry I already got a guy there and I’ll be going to ya know.


Adam: Aight come on let’s go.


Adam and Mike both get into Mikes Infernus and it drives off


End cut scene


A blip appears for the Deal which is at Blue City Docks. Drive to it


Whilst driving an in game chat should start


Adam: So who we Buying off?


Mike: f*ck knows. Some lowlife Freelance Dealer who has got about 50 grand’s worth of Heroin stuck up his ass


Adam: And you’re calling him lowlife that bitch has got it made man.


Mike: Spose man but still the lil bitch is like f*cking Asian or something. Can only speak like a couple sentences of English. He aint got a clue who we are and what will happen if he f*cks us over.


Adam: True true.


The in game chat ends here


Cut scene


Once at the Deal. You’ll find a White Transit Van with a small Chinese looking guy in a Red suit by it and his personal body guard. There’s also one of Mikes men there leaning against his Manna and he’s got a suitcase by his side along with an Uzi. Mike and Adam arrive and the view cuts to the top of a Warehouse by the side of the docks. 2 Jamaicans are on top with Uzi’s and as soon as Mike and Adam get out they open fire. The Dealer is killed instantly as bullets rip into him and his body guard draws an Uzi and fires up at the Jamaicans on the roof. 2 Gang cars however acclerate down an alley and pass the Deal before stopping. 2 Jamaicans get out of each and open fire. Adam throws himself backwards over the bonnet of the transit van taking cover behind it as the dealer’s bodyguard is killed. Mike goes to draw his Uzi and return fire on the Attacking Jamaicans but is thrown to the side as the Jamaicans on the roof bury a couple of rounds into him. Mike slides to the floor and leaves a long bloody smear on his Infernus.


End cut scene


You start off in cover behind the Van and the only place you can get hit is by the 2 Jamaicans on the roof. Waste them then lean out of cover and kill the other 4 Jamaicans who have taken cover by there cars. Mike’s “thug” will still be alive and it’s not essential for him to survive but he’ll be a big help later on. Once you’ve wasted those Jamaicans another Gang car will come screeching round the corner and 4 Jamaicans will get out armed with 9’s and Uzi’s. Waste them and then a cut scene will roll


Cut scene


Adam is standing over the dead body of Mike. He gets out his mobile and dials a number rapidly.


Adam: Jimmy this you?


Jimmy: Ye


Adam: Thank god. It’s Adam. Look those Jamaican bastards ambushed the deal. They got Mike and I only just got away with my life. Only problem is I got a Van stashed with Heroin. What you want doing with it?


Jimmy: Aight get the money and get in the Drugs van and get back to my club. Ya dig


Adam: Sure do aight cya later


End cut scene


Run over to the Briefcase full of money and collect it. Once that’s done get in the Drugs van and a blip will appear for Jimmies Club. If Mikes thug is still alive then he’ll follow you into the Van and he’ll ride shotgun (if he died in game play then your on your own). When you start driving towards Jimmies club Jamaicans will repeatedly attack you by smashing into you or shooting at you. If Mike’s thug is still alive he’ll shoot the cars or the drivers and you won’t get much hassle but if he died then you’ll have to circle around and smash into the cars till they tip over or alternatively you could do drivebys on them till the driver is dead or the cars explode. Stop in the marker outside Jimmies club to finish the mission.


Mission complete



You’ll now have Jimmy as a boss and his missions are activated by standing in the marker outside his club. He’s represented by a J on the map



Hope you liked the first 6 missions guy's

Edited by Love.Life

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Im sorry its been 2 days since i last posted a mission but theres some stuff going on


sorry to all my fans however i should be able to update soon colgate.gif

I hear color and see sound

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